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Who wrote the book of Genesis?


Actually Acaph, my bible says "The Book of Genesis. Or the First Book Of Moses".


Update 2:

"corrupted by Jews"

Is that regular bigotry, real hatred of the race or an academic conclusion?


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    The Genesis allegories from 1 - 11 are based on Babylonian stories that were adapted by the Hebrew people during their period of captivity.

    They were passed down via oral tradition for many generations, until the Hebrews developed a system of writing, roughly around 1000 BC.

    Moses is attributed with the compiling together of the early allegories and histories that make up the first five books of what Christians refer to as the Old Testament. He did not "write" them himself.

    While the faithful believe that the Bible is inspired by God, and does contain many moral truths, it most certainly was not "dictated" to mankind by God.

    Jesus was God and walked on the Earth for 33 years, so if we were supposed to get direct messages from God, WHY DIDN"T HE WRITE ANYTHING DOWN????

    p.s. Moses fans: Moses was pretty clear about receiving the Ten Commandments from God, and his role in the Exodus, but he NEVER mentions anything at all about receiving all this "dictation" from the Almighty that he supposedly "wrote" for the Hebrew people. Why not? If it in fact, happened the way you believe it did, then why isn't it mentioned anywhere at all?

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    Jehovah God, the creator of the heavens and earth is the author of the bible (2 Tim. 3:16). God inspired Moses to write the book of Genesis. Moses recieved the information directly from divine revelation and some under the direction of Holy Spirit. Jesus many times in the bible refers to Moses or Moses writings (Math 19:4,5 - Gen 1:17; 2:24) The crowning testimony being that of Jesus Christ which can be found at Luke 24:27, 44. In fact the Christian Greek Scriptures make frequent mention of Moses as the writer of the Law. This piece of information is for another person whom answered your question: Jesus would not have spoken of Moses as a real person if Moses was a Myth. .

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    Since the Book of Genesis describes flowering fruit trees as being created the day BEFORE the Sun was created, )and plants would instantly die on the cold surface of a sunless planet)...

    And because Genesis reports that God gathered the light into two major sources, the Sun and the Moon, (but in reality, the Sun is a source, and the moon is a reflector,) whoever wrote Genesis was not getting the facts from the Creator of the Sun and Moon and fruit trees.

    So much for the ability of an all-powerful God to "inspire" a book of truth.

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    The fact remains that Musa (alaihis salam) aka Moses (peace be upon him) had the Torah with him and a lot of what is in Old Testament is from Torah. When Musa (a.s) had this Torah it was perfect in Bookform. It was the Communications of God. People rebelled against the Prophets a lot. If you read Chapter the Cow of Quran in English, Surah al-Baqarah (2) then you will see the kinds of stuff Musa (a.s) and his son Harun (a.s) faced. I think Harun is Aaron to Christians, same person (pbuh). The story of the cow explains the deviousness of some of the Jews. Not all people are the same. Of Muslims, Christians and Muslims you will find good and bad. This is life and history repeats. The fact remains Torah was edited so God sent more Prophets to continue His Mission. More books came such as Zaboor of Dawud (a.s) or Psalms of David (pbuh) and Injeel of Isa (a.s) or Gospel of Jesus (pbuh) and finally Quran. All the books except Quran have been edited and all Muslims believe in the other books too (in original form). It is very good for Muslims to read the Holy Bible as I read it lot and even quote the verses supporting Islam which ramained therein. The fact remains that we are all linked by religion as it is the same God, One True God who has sent His Signs and Communications to mankind via 124,000 Prophets (peace be upon them all and Muhammad wa ale Muhammad)

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    Since it known as the first book out of five books of Moses, it is written by Moses. BUT God instructed Moses to write this book.

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    maximum solutions above are precise, yet to problematic: whilst Moses became on the mountain the place God gave him the ten commandments God additionally defined to him the background of the international, that's the place we get the 1st 5 books of the Bible from. data of this is interior the undeniable fact that Moses explains that God rested on the seventh day and that's the reason guy might desire to relax on the seventh day and shop it holy.

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    Many authors. The first chapter has been proven to have been written by someone other than the second. Genesis is mostly a collection of legends.

    As to the legend that Moses wrote Genesis - it has been indisputably proven that the Exodus never happened as described in the O. T., therefore, Moses is most likely a mythical character.

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    Moses wrote the Book of Genesis while inspired by God to write it. The Author is still God though.

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