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Do you allow guests to wear shoes in your house?

My house I make everyone leave their shoes at the door. How do you ask guests not wear shoes when coming over?

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    I have a no shoes allowed rule in my house. Everyone enters the house either through the garage or the front door, and there is always a pile of shoes left at either entrance. My kids and their friends are never an issue. My kids will tell their friends on their way into the house "shoes off!" My friends are equally as easy, some of them have the same rule in their home so we are all used to just taking our shoes off at each others homes, and the others just know that our homes stay shoe free.

    Whenever we have new people over I try to tell them in the invitation that we do not allow shoes in our home. I have never had anyone not take their shoes off when visiting.

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    You don't. They are your guests.

    If this concerns you so, then you make other provisions for the care of your floor. You provide either slippers (like those disposable ones) or better yet, those disposable shoe COVERS for your guests. If they are REGULAR friends, buy them special slippers JUST for them when they visit. You may still ask if they could remove their shoes, but you will have an alternative if they choose not to. THAT is the polite thing to do!

    Have a polite day.

    Etiquette takes over where laws end.

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    We started having guests take off their shoes years ago when they come to my house. We just ask and have a bench for them to sit on. Most people are pretty cool with it!

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    I notice that there are opposing answers to this question, but maybe its because of our differing backgrounds. The way in which we were raised, or maybe our idea of etiquette have remained the same. So I suggest a solution that will satisfy your problem and maybe the problem of some of your guests who feel uncomfortable with their shoes off.

    This is how it is at my place. My floors are always neat and clean and I never allow shoes to be worn within the house. But in case a guests arrives, I have prepared for them a few pairs of slippers that are plain in colour (to show these slippers are exclusively for guests). I would tell them, "You can leave your shoes here, I have some slippers for you!" (in a happy cheerful way). My guests would gladly take them off and where the slippers. And next time they come they'll be aware of the procedure and just take their shoes off themselves.

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    Yes I do. Everybody looks better with their shoes on and you don't have do deal with some horrible smells. After they leave, I vacuum the house and wipe the floors and everything goes back to normal.

    But if you want to ask them... ,maybe put a show stall out of the door with comfortable slippers with a writing like try the cosy slippers but you know this is still their choice.

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    Yes, I always guests to wear shoes at my house.

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    I don't MAKE anyone do anything they are not comfortable with. It's not something I make a big deal out of.

    If people are only coming in for 5 min- it would be a waste of time to take off their shoes just to put them on a minute later, so it's not a big deal if we come in to just grab something and go. I have wood floors and it's cold, so it's often uncomfortable for people.

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    Yes but my college friends never like to wear them so they leave them at the door

    Usually in winter we bring alot of homework that we dont need and throw it on the fire alot of us like to relax barefoot infront of it too

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    I knw right i just hate it when people come with dog poop in they shoes and then imprint it on my high fance carpet so j j i suggest making people take of they shoes is not very nice so we just have to deal with they crap. Good luck

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