What is the maximum transmission voltage used in malaysia?

What is the maximum transmission voltage used in malaysia

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    Malaysia Voltage

    The voltage in Malaysia is 240 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If the devices you are carrying do not accept 240 Volts at 50 Hertz, you are required to use a voltage converter. There are mainly three types of voltage converters which are adaptable to the Malaysian voltage and are easily available. Find information about these voltage converters here.

    Resistor-network converters (50-1600 Watts)

    Such converters are used for light-weight and support high-wattage electrical appliances such as hair dryers and irons.

    Transformers (50-100 Watts)

    For continuous use and better electricity, transformers are best if used for low wattage appliances like battery chargers, radios, laptop computers, cameras, mp3 players and camcorders.

    Combination Converters

    Such converters have a combination of, both a resistor network and a transformer. They come along with a switch that switches between the two modes.

    Malaysia Plug Adapters and Outlet Shapes

    In Malaysia, the outlets commonly accept 1 type of plug, the one having two parallel flat pins with ground pin. If your device's plug has a different shape, then you would be requiring a plug adapter. It is always better to get a combination voltage converter and plug adapter, considering your future travel requirements.

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    The Max :

    For domestic and industry, 3 Phase 415 volts, 50Hz. [heavy demand]

    Normally, it is single phase 240v [for domestic household ]

    The grid supply "system" [over head lines] before step-down for distribution, carry various voltages, and as much as 500kV [ long distance transmission].

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    240v 50hz (domestic)

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