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How long does it take for rat poison to affect your dog if eaten?

My dog runs around the neighborhood. And we just want to take precautions because she has gotten into rat poison before while we were on vacation. Luckily the vet saved her. But how long do the signs start to show that my dog ate rat poison if she did in fact? Its Been 7 days since she was last out and I dont see any weird behavior but still. (Were not letting her run around anymore anyways.) thank you

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    Please keep your dog safely at home. You're running the risk of her being hit by a car if she's running around the neighborhood.

    The obvious signs of a dog ingesting rat poison don't show up for about 4-7 days. The first sign you will see is she starts to bleed from any or all orifices. When it gets to that stage it's usually too late to save her.

    If you think she may have ingested poison then take her to the vet for an ACT test. This can determine whether or not she's eaten rat poison long before you see any symptoms.

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    you should do everything possible to train your dog from escaping the yard. Most often it has to do with training and exercise. Every dog should know their boundaries (it should not be a shock collar).

    What rat poison does it it makes the dog enable tp clot blood, so if your dog ate rat poison it would already be dead, but the first sign is pale gums (normally they are pink and if you press on them they will turn white and turn back into pink within 2 to 3 seconds). be weak, or shoeing signs of internal bleeding, such as a bloody nose, extended abdomen, blood in the urine, coughing up blood, and blood in the stool, which can be obvious or stool can be dark.

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    If it's been 7 days, I'd suggest she may well have been lucky - this time. There's no way she should be running the neighbourhood, as you obviously know! Anything could happen to her while she's out there, including being involved in a rta. Pity the poor driver who hits her!!

    I'd phone your vet and confirm re the 'how long'.

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    9 years ago

    good morning i will advise you to take the dog to the vet immediately because some poison show no symptom on the outside but causes internal bleeding which could be very serious i hope you get the dog to the vet in time good luck ok bye enjoy your day

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  • Amber
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    9 years ago

    Yep. It wouldn't take that long for the poison to kick in.

    You go and drink a litre of pure petrol and when you start feeling sick then this is how long rat poison would take.

    Hope i helped:)

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    If it's been that long since shes been out then she is fine. The signs would start to show within the first day.

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    9 years ago

    She would have shown symptons quite quickly as rat poison causes severe internal bleeding and liver damage. I am glad that you don't let run around any more.

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    depends on dog and how much

    why do you let your dog run around unsupervised?

    talk to vet?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    within hours.

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