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which options are going to be lowest in calories and fat?

which options are going to be lowest in calories and fat? From this menu.


Homemade Soup of the day served with bread

Prawn Cocktail - Shelled prawns with Marie Rose topping on a bed of mixed leaves,served with a sliced brown baguette.

Oriental Beef Spring Roll - Crispy spring roll bursting with strips of beef marinated in Chinese spice, julienne vegetables resting on a bed of lettuce with a Hoisin dip.


Tomato and Mozzarella - Served warm, in a puff pastry case drizzled with basil and pine nut pesto accompanied with spiced rice and dressed salad.

Chilli Con Carne - A hearty beef, spiced tomato and red kidney bean dish served on a bed of rice.

Vegetable Lasagne Roasted vegetables and rich herbed tomato sauce, layered between pasta and topped with creamy Béchamel sauce, oven baked until golden partnered with fresh mixed salad and garlic bread.

Traditional Lasagne Layers of rich meaty bolognaise & pasta covered in a rich Béchamel sauce and oven baked. Served with a dressed salad and garlic bread.

Tender breast of Chicken Saladwith crisp bacon, mixed leaves and Caesar dressing

Succulent chicken salad with mixed leaves and a sweet chilli dressing

Cajun Chicken Kebabs Succulent spiced chicken on skewers on a bed of dressed leaves with new potato wedges and a tangy tomato salsa.

Breaded Wholetail Scampi Served with thick cut chips, garden peas and homemade Tartar sauce.


Banoffi Sundae . A combination of banana, toffee and vanilla ice cream served in a long sundae glass.

Cheesecake of the Day. A crunchy digestive base topped with an indulgent topping of the day,

Sticky Toffee Pudding A traditional sticky toffee pudding drizzled in toffee sauce, served with custard, cream or ice cream.

Warm Chocolate Brownie A rich chocolate brownie accompanied with warm chocolate sauce, served with custard, cream or ice cream.

Mixed Fruit Meringue . Crunchy sweet meringue topped with whipped cream and assorted fruits

Summer Pudding . A traditionally made pudding with mixed berries, in a refreshing coulis, served with whipped cream.

Trio of Ice Cream . Three scoops of your favourite flavour, with sauce. Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

Lemon Tart A citrus burst of lemon encrusted in sweet pastry

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    Tender breast of chicken for your main meal , and i would say the three scoops of ice cream that's a guess with the dessert. I now what its like trying to be good when your out. Hope this helps you enjoy xxx

  • Lena
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    4 years ago

    there is no such thing as a healthy diet without fruits and vegetables...

  • 9 years ago

    it's a special meal out. Stop being a diet bore.

    all those puddings are stuffed with calories and fat so it is a stupid question. Enjoy yourself for once.

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