What are your views on the neanderthal (law 'culture') UK MPs?

It is, in my researched view, that they do not represent value for money and have no qualities needed to add value to either community or country, I say this with a heavy heart and I do need to declare an interest, my name is Nathan Eakins and I'm the only person competent enough to lead this (currently) loser nazi nation. Now I know you're thinking the BNP or some other neanderthal rule is what is needed, I have two points to raise, 1) Internationally we are the bad guys (this is because of brutal behaviour by our armed forces in Iraq, Saddam pointed out that the last time the Brits ruled in Iraq they were horrible (like the movie Ghandi, when I saw it as a young I child I left that movie theatre hating the British) so what did the Brits do in Iraq, they were horrible, believe me the UK is not disliked it is despised so throwing water onto a chip pan fire (as Jim Crow loving David "Hitler" Moron did when he spoke of the death of multiculturalism as the EDL (tagline, obviously) rallied in 2010) is unhelpful to business, expats and opportunity. 2) The nonculture of law has brought the UK into a terrible vicious state, this is mostly because of envy by lawyers who have looked to America with their damaging to progress (opinion but I could chat about the meaning of life until thd cows come home) pusuit of happiness (the UK political retorts have been, 'land' (in oppose to community investment (long, lon... okay you invest in talented people (as certified (qualifications such as (example only) sailing)) who review themselves against their professional peers (this must be an issue that isn't whities, possibly in the slightest) and the returns from this community hedge funding (governement to educate all who are included in this category to be left of centre with a care mode and to reward the most inclusive and diverse hedge funds with recognition (based on percentages, not net £))) and 'family' (as fanatical, wrong, unjust and unequal (unless you ard a lawyer (or a cop)) as state sanctioned (supported) neanderthal behaviour.

I have made these points as it is my view that when the 'democratically' elected agreed to serve and represent the communities that 'elected' them (wartime rhetoric, I can bore you with the stats if you like, no, may I make my point?) they failed to attend magistrates courts to get a snap shot feel for what the challenges are (these don't need to be aired in Parliament, the UK is a tourist town) yet issues of public sector confidence by the electoriate and public sector moral are the remit of these (at best) wastes of taxpayer money. You may now applaud yourself for reading this question which, I hope, has comprehensively highlighted the ineptitude, hypocrisy, endangerment through (at the least) neglect (on occasion incitement), passionate (crap) 'political' (again long story, I'll skip it) tribalism and lack of value of democracy, or you can blame pokémon.

(Andrew St.Patrick (Deep Sky Nebulae, Future OFCOM Equity (FOE), let's face it, Foean (campaigning to remove French words from the English language, for lawyers (elected or not) to do as they are told in a transparent way and to clarify that the UK's first laws weren't written in English (reason French words are in our language), we aren't going back there, nor must the sovereign countries of FOE (formerly, because of the Yugoslav war in the 90s, Western Europe) (I could talk for miles on this subject) is away)


This question was posted in the light of the riots of 2011, widely predicted within the music industry, for another prediction listen to The Vapors.

Update 2:

Rooo, although some business sectors (and one is a real parasite) agree with you this minority view has no long term stamina, right wing harm is only supported through corruption and the world wide public have no taste for it, if you could address even one of the issues I've raised you'd stimulate debate, philosophies that don't last the distance die, why should capitalism carry the dead weights of unreformed (nonregulated) media, law and fail to be given the opportunity to present a new vision for a secure future, our armed forces families deserve more than lip service, they deseve respect and that only starts with honesty, if those British born who may fear change as they work within the industries I've mentioned (and the arms manufacturers who I just have) salute a world of opportunities awaits beyond, these industries are like children refusing to go to school, in the case of the arms manufacturers they are shying away from thanks which may result in glory and worship (and possibly

Update 3:

(Sorry the UK nazis are ******* with this post, if we had the first it'd be different!) anyway back to the text; respect from their current customers (terms and conditions apply, ignore the nazi propaganda especially from BBC news (as interfered with disrespectfully by Goerbbels (better know and Sir Chris Patten)) given journalists put their lives on the line for the truth it's indefensible, a disgrace, an outrageous insult and atrocious).

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  • tom
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    9 years ago
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    Churchill said something like, Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others. MPs do a difficult job and most do it well. The MPs expenses scandal shows just how ignorant the British voting public is more than anything else.

    A) We are the bad guys because we have done so many bad things in the past, not just Iraq.

    B) Your "non-culture of the law" is a little bizarre. Yes the system could be better, but is far better than many countries's legal systems!

    I do not find anything you say compelling, I do not think you have proven anything, in fact you have just stated something in a long winded manner.

    If you think the UK is nazi when less than 5% of people who do vote, vote BNP, then what do you make of France when people like Le Penn can get into the presidential play offs? Austria which had a far right party in government 11 years ago? Russia with it's far right masses? Serbia with Milosevic in power for 10 years as a right wing nationalists?

  • valry
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    4 years ago

    My view is there will be a conceal up via fact they'll come out with something like "it would not be interior the regular public pastime to proceed with any prosecutions!" we additionally gets an identical consequence from the respectable enquiry into the war in Iraq which began at present and is envisioned to final till 2011. The concepts boggles at how lots that is going to fee!

  • 9 years ago

    You certainly have a different out look on things but personally I don't think you ideas are very good or sound am not certain where you get these ideas from and do you really have any idea exactly what a Nazi is I think not there is no way how ever much you may disagree with the present system or the BBC you can compare them with Nazis I suggest you do some real research on World War 2 and the holocaust then you may well find out exactly what a Nazi is

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Other cultures dont mix well at all racism has nothing to do with it. Its a proven fact throughout history that other cultures fight until one wipes out the other its know has the tribal nature of man multiculturalism was a nice idea but its never worked even manny thousands of years before the term racist and multiculturalism was coined it never worked so why would it work now

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