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Will an untrained dog protect its owner?

I have a German Shepard Dog. I have never been in a situation where my dog has had to protect me but i believe she would. Is it in a dogs instinct to protect its owner?? (the person it sees as the pack leader)

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    I have been around alot of dogs in my life and all of them were extremely loyal. Same as you, I have never been in that situation, but if I were, I KNOW they would protect me.

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    I watched the video and although I am in agreement with the fact that an untrained dog is very unlikely to protect its owner when threatened, the video was not a good example of why it won`t. The agitator approached the trained dogs in an entirely different manner than the way he approached the non-trained dogs. He "crept" up to the trained dogs in a threatening manner complete with padded arm sleeve and more or less threatened the dogs rather than the person holding the dog. The dog is used to this sort of wind up and acted out of habit and training to the sleeve. The agitator approached the un-trained dogs in an entirely different manner with completely different body language. He strode up to the dog and handler quickly without any threatening gestures and grabbed the owner. The test was completely ridiculous. Even my un-trained dog would bark at an agitator who showed the body language similar to the bloke who threatened the trained dogs. Even so, a dog that attacks and holds a person under attack, naturally and without training is very rare and all you can expect from a bold natured pet dog is a bark and maybe a nip on the attackers backside if you are lucky. Most dogs will flee from threatening confrontation by a human unless specifically trained to do protection work. Also, a schutzhund trained dog is NOT a the same as a fully trained protection dog and will not respond to any attack outside the training field or competition ring. Just think of all the women that have been raped or even murdered whlist out walking with their big dogs and what did their dog do to save them? Sweet sod all! Also more than 85% of potential police dogs are rejected through lack of courage when confronted with manwork Training. People that think their pet dog will protect them under real threat are living in cuckoo land. I have trained with Security dogs so i know how dogs can react to threats. Jmo. Add: True protection dogs are trained to protect in ALL circumstances. Not just to bite on a sleeve. It takes sometimes over 2 years to train a dog in this work and can costs can soar as high as £12,000 or more for a reliable but safe dog.

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    Its highly unlikely your dog will actually protect you enough to scare off an attacker.

    She may bark and even give a nip on a leg or backside if she gets worried enough but even that is unlikely.

    If every gsd protected its owner naturally there would be no need for them to be specifically trained as protection dogs costing thousands of pounds.

    Even potential police gsd dogs are discarded because they lack the nerve to go in and actually hold onto an assailant when the handler is attacked.

    There are some dogs that WILL defend their handlers naturally but they are few and far between. Many women have been been assaulted and even murdered whilst out walking with there gsd or large breed of dog and the dog has run off or just stood by and watched it all happen.

    Unless your dog is fully trained in protection work do not RELY on it to protect you.

    I have two male intact gsd`s. One has done a small amount of protection work and I still would not rely on them to fully protect me if I was attacked. The gun under my bed is more reliable!!!!! lol.

    However...having a German Shepherd or large dog about the place is a fairly good deterrent to a lot of would be muggers.

    Teach your dog to bark on command. Don`t use "speak" as the command but use "watch them" and if confronted by someone that may threaten you just tell the dog "watch them" and it will then bark which can scare off most people.

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    A pet dog not specifically trained to work may put on a show of confidence by barking to drive away a real or perceived threat which is defensive behavior, but the majority, including the GSD will turn tail & run to avoid injury/relieve the pressure being exerted on its temperament by the situation.

    Only a professionally trained personal protection dog trained specifically to prevent harm to its owner will reliably protect by barking to driving a real threat away or being deployed/acting on its own initiative as it was trained to do will reliably engage an assailant.

    Even then it is not "protective" per se, as the dog is not reacting to a threat knowing it may be killed or be seriously harmed, it is training which is learned behavior that is instinctively satisfying to the dog.

    Protection is driven by instinct/nerves/drives/temperament/characteristics that make the dog by nature have what it takes to shape with training not love or respect for its owner's higher ranking.

    You pay good money & quite a lot of it for reliable protection in a dog.

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    For most dogs - NO.

    It depends on the individual dog, and has little to do with breed.

    So many GSDs are rejected from police training for being TOO TIMID - they are not naturally aggressive or protective dogs. They are naturally cautious.

  • Lizzie
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    Some will, some won't. If you love your dog, try not to ever put it in a position of having to possibly die to defend you.

    Dr. Ian Dunbar, author of many dog books, creator of Sirius Puppy training, veterinarian, behaviorist, in-demand lecturer worldwide, dog trainer, etc. has spent many years studying feral dog populations around the world. He tells us this: Dogs do *not* form packs. They move about singly, occasionally pairing off for a brief time, but never form packs. Hundreds of years of selective breeding and living near humans have changed the behavior of dogs dramatically from that of wolves.

    Since dogs don't form packs of any kind, no dog will ever view a human as a "pack leader" except in the mind of the person.

    Source(s): Dr. Dunbar's website
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    Oh please most GSDs these days don't have a protective bone in their bodies these days people. Plenty of them have temperament and training issues that lead to them being POSSESSIVE. Not the same thing.

    Most times an untrained dog will NOT protect its owner. Has jack all to do with love and so forth. That is the number one mistake people make when getting breeds like this is depending on the animal to save their *** when they should be relying on themselves.

    Unless she was bred and trained for the task don't count on it. Better to be alive and able to fend for yourself than dead because you were waiting for Fifi to come to your aid.

  • Doodle
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    Yes, it is. Any dog will bark, because that's its natural instinct. Unless it is told not to do so, of course. It does not depend on the breed, because its all instinct.

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    I think it depends on your bond with the dog

  • 8 years ago

    The answer is simple; once you have formed a bond with your dog (owned it 3-4 months, especially if for a few years),your dog will be protective against strangers that get to close to you and it dislikes. You have a german shepard and that is in the top tier of protective dogs.

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