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Delete URL from adress bar?

Whenever i go om the internet and type in f to go on facebook another website comes up and i always accidently click on it because i just use the arrow keys to go down then click enter. Is there anyway to just delte it so i like never went on it kind of? Its so annoying, i always do!

Thanks x

p,s i just have internet explorer :) and im not gret with computers :L x

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    if you have IE9 then use the address bar drop-down box. Where the web address is listed (the http://www. bit) there is a magnifying glass and then a downward pointing triangle, this opens the drop-box you need to use.

    In this drop-box is a list of the most frequently used addresses, scroll through it to find the "F" word one you want to get rid of, look to the right and there is an X at the end, click it and it will delete the listing for that specific web address, problem solved.

    Alternatively clear the history lists from Control Panel > Internet Options and the Delete button but this does remove all of them.

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    Well if it's so annoying that you click another site, either look more closely to what you are going to click, or just type out the full name, it's not that hard, it's only a few more letters.

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    Easiest way is to download CCleaner and use that, it will also clean out other temporary files.

    It's a free application. Read the help files first but it will not damage anything at all.


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    internet options > content > click on settings under 'autocomplete' and untick all.....from now on your text that you type in will not be saved

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