Guitar riffs, basslines and drum beats!?

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So I'm in a hard rock band, with a guitarist, vocalist, bassist and drummer - the way we have it at the minute is the bass guitar and drums set the foundation of a song, then the guitar riffs differ from the main beat/rhythm of the song to sort of push it forward, then the vocals on top. I think this is the way Black Sabbath do it, my question is - is this way common, or is it better/more acceptable to have the guitar, bass and drums all match up and play the same stuff?

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  • 9 years ago
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    no, that way the bass gone missing and the guitar loses its freedom.. keep it your way

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    9 years ago

    Well if they all sound the same, it would be really boring. Also i know you like Black Sabbath, but that's old. Think of the modern rock, like ac/dc or Metallica (hard rock/metal). If you are thinking of going really far, try something different.

    -Vocalist- has to be really good, he must practice every day at least 2 hours, His job is the easiest.

    -Guitarist- Electric/rhythm guitar is good, acoustic guitar won't be used often in a rock song. This guitarist will play background music, this helps create an atmosphere and help cover the bassist so the song won't feel empty.

    -Bassist- Needs to play really well, he should play main riffs or solos, also it has to sound louder than the guitarist, drummer to lead the song. This is the main piece.

    -Drummer: Shouldn't play really fast (that's for metal) this member is perhaps the least important, but needed. The drummer should be a background type of thing, also it should never ever be the main sound in the songs. Try different styles, but his job is pretty much repetitive.

    Try get the instrumental part to be the main focus of the band, if your singer isn't a god, don't try push it. Riffs and solos are what people are mainly interested in.

  • 4 years ago

    you could have diverse time signatures, as long as they are complementary to a minimum of one yet another finally. otherwise it is going to sound like a multitude of insanity (See John Zorn "bare city") The bands sure, Frank Zappa and King purple all mess with the time signatures. The steel band Soilent green used to besides. Rock and roll is meant to be experimented with. in case you wanna play guitar in 12/4 on an identical time as the drums are in 4/4 then have at it.

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