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What colour should I dip dye my hair?

I really want to dip dye my hair and I was wondering what colour I should dye it. If I'm allowed that is. I just need some idea. My hair is:


Just below my collar bone


Faded caramel highlights. (very faded but makes my hair look lighter)

Side parted.

I don't want to go too extreme but I'm going to Devon next week and wanted something fun! :)

Also, if you're up for it, how can I convince my parents :P?

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    9 years ago
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    Oh good idea, im a teenage boy and i love girls with cool hair colours :D I would say something that stands out, pink, blue or purple! My ski instructor has blue, which is quite nice but a deep purple/red is nice :D So I would say blue or dark purple! Have fun in devon! i just got back from cornwall, i love these places! To convince your parents, just tell them that it is the holidays and that you deserve to dye your hair. Tell them that you will pay for the dye and that it will wash out before you get back to normal term (But dont if you dont want too, cheeky)!! :D HAVE FUN! :D

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  • vaka
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    3 years ago

    I genuinely have darkish blonde hair and that i dip-dyed my hair final summer time. I did shiny magenta purple for the 1st a million/2 and a shiny turquoise for the 2d a million/2 - the two stood out properly and appeared superb!

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  • 9 years ago

    I would dye your whole head one brown to take out the highlights then dip dye it going into a lighter blondish brown .

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  • 9 years ago

    How about dark crimson red, or brick red!? I like those colours and i think they r sexy! With some highlights of course which ever you like! :D

    Source(s): Ria - Ria =3
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