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Basil and Mint asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

Do you get free dog poop bags?

Do you get them free from local authorities where you live?

Can you get them free in England at post office the same as in Scotland?

Is there any advantage to using non-biodegradable bags?


I get mine from Post office free, (or as part of council tax that we all pay).

I think it's a great idea, and if i see someone not picking up, i give them a hand full of mine, so they have no excuse not to.

If i payed for them, i would not be handing out heaps to irresponsible owners when claim they forget to buy them.

Update 2:


IF you live in USA where some people think the rest of the world is the same, don't try and TELL me i should not use a service that i pay for already.

It makes you look ignorant and a know it all.

I bet most of you don't even have the guts to hand over free bags to someone and suggest they pick up after there dog as i do.

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  • 9 years ago
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    my dogs get a van ride to local nature reserve were it is frowned upon to actually pick up biio-degradable substance , YES i do walk in it quiet often , but what i care , i have spare shoes in the van , and if for some reason i have forgot them being a van it a nice wipe clean surface .

    a little piece i found on national trust web site

    : Never leave poo where people walk, play or picnic. We ask that if your dog fouls, particularly in car parks and on paths, you pick up and remove the mess. Flick it into rough grass or woodland, or take it away with you and dispose of it at home. There may be dedicated bins to put it in at heavily used sites.

    it used to advise you of using toilet paper or similar to pick it up and just throw it away from the paths

    for those that dont believe

    oh sorry back to the question !! NO we in the uk dont get free bags , but scented ones from the pound shop do work

    plastic is not very good i think and paper ones that are biodegradable should be left just under trees .

    apparantly there is a dog park in the USA that used dogs mess to power it lights in the dark , when i find the link i will add

    Source(s): found the link , now how cool is that , all dog parks should have one as well as all public toilets , i would even by a digester but only when the cost comes down to something affordable
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  • 4 years ago

    Free Dog Poop Bags

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My living complex has free poop bag dispensers by the poop clean up stations (just a trashcan and the bags, basically). I think the cost is probably included in the fees I pay to use my neighborhood amenities (pool, gym, trash collection, etc). However, they're not always good about refilling the bags when they run out, so I buy my own from the store. Plus, it's not like my dog always poops near the station, so it's nice to always have my own handy.

    I live in America, and I don't know of anywhere else to get free poop bags. Many people just use the plastic bags you get from the grocery store as a free alternative. You can also get them pretty cheap at a dollar store, but I personally find that those break easily and are too thin for my tastes.

    I usually buy in bulk to reduce costs. I spend about 14$, which is about 8 or 9£, for 16 rolls (240 bags). That much lasts me a good number of months. I consider the purchase just another one of the many costs of owning a dog.

    If I was paying a tax that included free poop bags like you are, I would go for it and get them for free. No point paying the tax and then not taking advantage of the service you payed for. Even though I pay for mine, I would give a stranger one if I saw them in a predicament (like if my neighborhood dispensers were out).

    Anyway, I don't see an advantage to non-biodegradable bags. All they do is prevent the poop from naturally composting once it's in a landfill somewhere. Some people feel they are thicker than degradable ones, but I don't notice much of a difference, personally.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In Scotland we used to get them (not seen for a while) where the local council office happily supplied free rolls of poop bags for people. That was a few years since I seen now and if memory serves me well (which is always a risky thing!) then it was also around the time there was a big boost of stamping on people leaving dog mess everywhere. Perhaps it was just a campaign to encourage people to clean up (at least where I live it's stopped).

    The advantages of biodegradable (the BIO is the key word) are really around environmental and neighbourly factors (such as drying out the moisture) and for non-biodegradable well... they are often a little cheaper to buy.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In Germany theres several rolls of bags in dispensers built into the top of every doggie bin. So yes they are free they are supplied by our local authority. I also have no qualms about using them.

    As its horrible to step into dogsh1t that someone is too lazy to clean up!

    At the kennels i use much more traditional methods its gathered together and put into a sealable bin throughout the week, and incinerated every Friday morning without fail.

    I also give bags to any newcomers with dogs in the area that i live in

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  • 9 years ago

    No we can't get them free . You can buy them from our council for not to much from places like tourist information but i wouldn't expect them to give them away for free i don't want them wasting my council tax on free bags they already supply dog bins which is a good thing . I always find the bag they sell are ok for people who owner larger dogs but my dog is only a toy so i prefer baby nappy bags instead bon tons.

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  • 9 years ago

    What !!!!!

    You get free dog poop bags.

    Well I am UK and I don't know about that however I think it is totally WRONG. I am obviously a dog owner, but why should non dog owners help fund the nations dog poop bags, that is outrageous.

    Yes I hand out free poop bags if I see someone not picking up as nappy sacks are £1 for about 100 bags if not more.

    Council tax should NOT go to pay for them, what an absolute cheek that you should think it should.

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  • 4 years ago

    nicely, i will understand the place you're coming from, because of the fact no person hates canines poop on the floor as much as I do. and that i see your city has a severe subject with it, so i think of your asking could be ok. yet as a canines proprietor, now and lower back people are starting to be somewhat nasty with me whilst they question me if I even have %.-up luggage, or if i'm making plans to %. up after my canines. I show satisfaction in being a in charge canines proprietor. I continually convey the luggage. now and lower back he has one extra poop than I even have luggage, and that i've got long previous abode, gotten a bag, and are available lower back to %. it up. i do no longer savour the individuals who question me if i'm picking up, in a bad tone of voice, and start up lecturing approximately it, and all the whilst they see me fumbling with the luggage. yet as quickly as I moved into my new community and an marvelous woman with a pooped backyard asked if I picked up, i did no longer ideas because of the fact she did no longer be attentive to me and, so some distance as she knew, it could have been my canines who embellished her backyard. So only save it large, and it is going to be superb.

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  • 9 years ago

    Certery's right, u should be paying for ur own poop bags.

    I find free poop bags at off leash dog parks but i wouldnt recommend relying on that supply. Itd be awkward spending 2 minutes getting as much poop bags as u can.

    U can buy them at pet stores where they are sold in rolls and can be put in dispensers, but i think the dispensers are useless.

    I guess non biodegradable bags feel more plasticky and more smooth but i would recommend bio bags because theyre much better

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  • 9 years ago

    I live in scotland, and yes I get dog bags for free from council dept or community centre library

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