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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 9 years ago

Three month old male kitten, when should we neuter him and what to do about many fleas? Is flea collar okay?

I have a male kitten, and he's just about three months old. I believe he's a regular cat, a Short Hair American cat.

1. There's a huge debate on when to neuter him. Should we do it in four weeks, or when he's six months old? I heard six months is too late? Please EXPLAIN!

2. He has many fleas as my dogs do. Is a flea collar alright for such a young kitten? If not, then why? What should I do to get rid of his fleas? I give him daily baths in flea and tick killer. What else?

4. Any tips/information on training my kitten? Any major areas I need to worry about and put extra work into?

3. Any other tips/information on a three month old kitten?


Can give stories and list your favorite things about your kitten(s)/cat(s) if you want to(: Love reading it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I've got one that age right now. They must have been born about the same time. I've raised many cats, all strays/rescues. Here are some guidelines.

    Do not let him go outside if you can't afford to pay lots of medical fees. They can pick up a lot of nasty diseases and injuries. When the weather changes the like to lie on the road if they are out at night. That's why you see so many dead cats on the road at those times of years. They also get fleas and worms. In the country, or a cat who is desperate to be outside, it can work but they need a lot more medical care.

    He should be neutered in about a month, at 4mos old. Call your vet to see if you need to make the appointment ahead of time.

    He should already have had some shots and will need some more later, more if he's going outside.

    Flea collars are useless. Get Advantage flea drops. They aren't cheap, but they work. You will also need to flea bomb your house, and yard if the cat's been outside. They get into the upholstery and yard. It pays to be thorough when there are a lot of them, otherwise you fight a loosing battle. Once the situation is under control flea drops every 4 mos is enough. The drop should kill eggs and adults, and be placed on the back of the kittens neck. Get the right dose for the size of your cat.

    Don't let him bit you in play. He won't respond to being told "no" but if you always use toys to play with him and never your body he can learn not to bite or scratch people. He will do some scratching.

    Do not get his claws removed. They do this by removing the whole finger. This is horribly abusive. Even doing the front paws only is horrible. They can never walk right again and many never adjust psychologically. They will be prone to accidents and all sorts of joint problems. It's cruel. If you can't handle the scratching you shouldn't have a cat. Most cats will outgrow most scratching by 12 mos old. Most will confine their scratching to a good scratching post if it's provided.

    6 months is too late, and 4 weeks is way to early to neuter. If you wait too long he'll begin to spray in the house to mark his territory. Once he starts he'll never stop and you will either live in cat pee or he'll have to live outside. If you do it too early he won't develop properly. 4 MONTHS (give or take a little) is the right time. Talk to your vet.

    Congratulations on your new family member. Cats are amazing pets. They get rid of mice, keep us company, make us laugh, lower blood pressure, and ask very little in return.

    There are so many stories! Sterling is into everything right now. He's so awkward and wipes out all the time. It's a good thing he only weighs about 3lbs or I'd probably have a broken nose. He's constantly running into my face while I'm sleeping. Just typing this he's been across the keyboard several times. Now he's playing with my hair.

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  • Kristy
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Most vets neuter male cats at 6 months of age. Some will do it as early as 8 weeks. Just dont neuter him past 7 months, then you run the risk of him starting to spray. Neutering at a vet should cost $150-$250. You may find some organizations that participate with vets that charge alot less, but the dont usually do preoperative bloodwork and heart monitoring. both of which are important.

    As for fleas, you need to get something from your vet called capstar. It will kill the adult fleas within a 1/2 hour (for your dog and cat). THen you need a liquid product for the dog called advantix for the cat its advantage. THey are expensive. They are over the counter but your vet should sell them too. The vet will have singles if you cant afford a 6 pack at once. It is a great product and worth the cost. It is a liquid that you squirt between the shoulder blades on the skin. You do it once a month. If you use it for 3 or 4 months it will also continue to kill the dormant eggs and larvae around the house. Just killing the adult fleas wont stop the problem. THats why this advantix/advantage works well, it stops the problem from cycling. Be careful with other store products like biospot, that is actually a very risky product to use. A flea collar for the cat can be hit or miss. Some cats have bad reactions also dog flea collars can be deadly to cats if the cat grooms the dog. Collars dont stop the ongoing flea growth of eggs and larvae. You could also try frontline or promeris if advantix is too expensive. When you apply the liquid be sure to put it in a few spots so it gets into the skin and the pet cant reach and lick it.

    As for any other tips and info. Dont use your fingers/hand has a toy for the kitten, he will learn to bite. Make sure you have a scratching post. THe cheap cardboard kind, many cats like. Or those curve shaped ones that have a tight loop material at petsmart. When your kitty is sleeping, let it sleep!

    Good luck, sounds like you want to do the right thing.


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  • Ocimom
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    1. Ideal age to neuter/spay is 3-4 months. Kittens as young as 4 months can and do breed, so call your vet and have him neutered in the next few weeks. No need to be waiting 6 months to do this.

    2. NO flea collars - they are toxic or useless (especially Hartz). Use Advantage or Frontline for cats only - no dog products. There should be NO need to be washing him EVERY day in flea shampoo - its a wonder your kitten is still alive. Do not use ANY of Hartz products unless you want a dead kiten.

    Whatever you are using on your pets obviously is not working well and you probably need to flea bomb the house.

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  • Beth
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    First things first, you must get rid of the fleas. This will be a hard thing to do since you have such a infestation. Call your vet and get this kitten in to see him now. Bathing him daily with poison is not safe. He will have all kinds of skin problems, if he doesn't already. You are going to have to treat your house, yard and other pets until you get rid of the fleas. You need to remove all your pets from the house and fog it with a flea killer. The dogs need dipped and then all need treated with Frontline. And the yard sprayed. You will need to repeat the treatment until fleas are gone.

    And ask the vet when he thinks he needs nurtured.

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  • 9 years ago

    1. I'd do it as soon as possible. There isn't honestly a 'to old' age, but it can be hard on very old cats, which is in my opinion 13+ years.

    2. Advantage works well! My friend got a kitten with fleas and used advantage and all the fleas died. After the fleas die get a flea collar and keep Advantage around. There is advantage for both dogs and cats, and Flea and Tick baths is a good idea. Keep it up with Advantage and they should be gone in know time.

    3. No tips really… Except they are especially curious at that age.

    4. You can't really train cats… Potty-training is basically the only thing you can 'train' them but there are exceptions. I had a cat named Lily who I taught to come when her name was called and to sit. I was working on lie down when we had to find her a new home.

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  • 9 years ago

    I have two Siamese kittens that I got 3 weeks ago and they had fleas on them from living in a garage. I spray them with Sergeant's Silver Flea and Tick Spray. I follow the directions and spray them until the hair was wet and I could see the skin. I spray each flea directly to kill it and picked each one off and killed them with a direct spray. btw I did this out side on my patio. I then dry the kitten off with a towel. I just spoke with a vet office and they said 3 or 4 months was the perfect to nueter. But they must have their shots first. This is a non profit low cost clinic that I have goneYearsr years with my pets. cost 25.00 for male and 20.00 for femneuter nueter When I called Vet Office they gave me prices like a 100.00 for exam and two hundred for neuter. Said wait but I believe that was to drain money from me while i wait.

    Has for advice everthing else people tell you is good. btw you can get spray for 6.00 and flea comb for a $1.00. Also the cheapest cat toy is a balled up pieice of paper. They play soccer with it.

    Google low cost or non profit pet clinic in your area.

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  • 9 years ago

    Do between 4 and 6 months to be safe

    Source(s): Cat guy
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