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Why is life in America so boring and depressing?

I've 23, & I've lived in different countries in different continents for about 8 years as my dad was in the military, & I was blown away by how people's day to day life in those nations seemed so much happier & more exciting than those of us who live in the US. There weren't many fancy electronics, but they had fun regardless. Now that I'm back in the US, I've became highly aware that life in the US is a bit dull. Everything's the same routine. Most stores are the same (replicas), you don't see people on the sidewalks, people are to themselves, most places close around 9pm... it's boring. Am I the only one who's noticed this? I've seen most of the continental US, btw.

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    I 100% agree I have lived here for 4 years now. And see how boring it is to live here. Peoples mentality is different and they concerned too much about the safety. Everyone just sits home and watches TV...Or goes on facebook..On regular basis people don't like to spend time outside, you know just for fun. Back in Russia, Germany and Estonia where I used to live. The streets are full of life, people go to parks, Broadways..etc.! At night times its very safe, because there are just so many people around you.Here in US you pretty much can't do anything at ll either attract cops, or get mugged!

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    Yes, it is so true. My foreigner friends say the same thing, that it's boring here and everyone is to themselves and that in their countries they know and visit all neighbors, and people walk and say hello in the streets and are friendlier. But, then again we have alot of other better stuff here than in most countries, better living in general I think.

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    It's not boring and depressing because it's a free country - it doesn't have to be. That part is up to you.

    Also, you asked why you feel it is depressing and boring. Think of it as a cultural thing. We've developed this way because we had to, and it just turns out that you don't particularly like it compared to others. (I live in US, had my fair share of traveling as well.)

    If you don't like it, figure out a way you can include in your life traveling and cultural experiences, since you really seem to enjoy it.

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    It is kind of boring. I'm 23 and theirs absolutely nothing to do in my town. I think alot of the kids really get stuck on this... "technology"...and don't care to do anything else. What ever happened to skating rinks and movie theaters? We used to have them but they are gone now.

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    It's up to you to make your life fun. When I get bored I get friends together and go bridge jumping or something like that. I make fun happen, I don't wait for it to happen to me.

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    I think it depends

    Where i live its the complete opposite

    usa btw

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    Because it's not Great Britain.

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    Go to Africa and then ask this.

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    then live somewhere else damn!

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