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What is electric charge and why does it exist,?

An electron has an electric charge of -1 and i know quarks give certain particles like protons and neutrons charge, but what the hell is electric charge what does it mean what actually is it , protons and electrons have opposite charges but why do they get attracted to each what is the forces involved bearing in mind i dont even have a clue what a force is please help guys im dumb as f.(no answer like because they're like repel different attract i know that ffS)


ik dont know anythig about electric fields aswell what the **** are they

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    First the easy part... force is just a push or a pull. That's all it is. You push on a wall and that wall pushes back; so you don't fall forward. The two pushes, yours and the wall, are forces.

    There are four fundamental forces in our universe. One of them is the electro magnetic force (EMF). This is a push or pull invoked by the charge of one body as the source on the charge of another body as the target. And there are your mysterious charges. Charges are simply the sources and targets for the EMF.

    As you pointed out, electrons have a negative 1 charge. In fact, the electron's charge is the value against which all other charges are measured. So when we say a quark has a 2/3 charge, that means 2/3 of an electron's charge. So in comparison, a quark can push or pull with only 2/3 the force of an electron, all other things equal.

    And that brings us to your last question... push or pull, repel or attract. Like all forces, the EMF is directional. Remember that wall? You pushed towards the wall. And in reaction, the wall pushed towards you. Opposite directions and the two forces are repelling each other. Same deal with the EMF from charges. Let's look at this with a drawing.

    Let N be negative charge and P be positive charge. So for like charges, we have something like:

    N ----><----N where the arrows depict the EMF's from each negative charge. They are pushing against each other, repelling like that wall against your shove. In which case, as we assume the two charges are free to move (unlike the wall), the repulsion will cause the two to move apart. Now unlike charges:

    N----->----->P In this case, the two force fields (the EMF's) are pointing the same direction, which is towards the positive charge. This is attraction. This could be an electron attracted to a proton for example. If the electron were free to move (not bound to the atom), it would move towards the proton (which could be in an alpha particle).

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    Charge is a way of describing how one object will act in respect to another.

    Basically opposite charges will attract, and likes will repel. It was just convention to give a proton a + charge and an electron a - charge.

    Basically objects with a charge, are in a class of matter that will experience a force when in the same 3 planes as another type of that matter.

    A force is a disturbance on an object that will cause it to accelerate, which means to change its velocity (speed).

    No one know why this class of matter exerts forces on each other, but the charges are just a way to predicts how different class of this matter will act.

    Thats as basic as I can put it.

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    Opposites attract like magnetic opposite they have a lot in common with the smaller particles.

    Basically electric charge is a by product of friction and that's how these small particles generate it by bouncing of each other.

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    that's like asking why mass exist.

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