How far along in rabbit pregnancy do they typically start to build a nest?

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i took my rabbit the vest yesterday after suspecting she might be pregnant was confirmed she was pregnant i suspected her of first being pregnant two weeks ago the vet jus said to more
Update : sorry was suppose to say **vets** lol
Update 2: the vet didn't expect me to no that as i already explained to her that i more
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Okay so you can expect from 1-14 kits(baby bunnies) but the average is around 6. This can be a hard time as a lot of the time babies get eaten by the Dad or they just simply don't survive. That's why I have never bred any of my rabbits. They start to do this from any time during the pregnancy when they think it is close. If you think a human baby can be 2 weeks early, well this is the same with rabbits. It's rare but it can happen so the mother has to be prepared. Usually they will do this about 2 weeks before birth. Hope I helped:)


Research on rabbits, and a lot of it.

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thanks everyone all was really good answers!
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  • JazzManPig answered 3 years ago
    Every rabbit is different, some build their nest on the first day, some build their nest on the last two days, they can do it anytime really.

    My rabbit just gave birth a couple days ago and she built her nest on the very night she gave birth, the 32nd night.

    The litter size could be any amount, 1 to 8 even if its her first time.

    I suggest you get them desexed soon :3
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  • olivia answered 3 years ago
    I used to raise rabbits and can tell you that they are rather individual about the nest building thing. My father always put the nest boxes in fairly early so that they could follow their own impulses on the subject. As for what to use for a nest box--because rabbits sometimes chew on their box and cardboard and plastic may have substances in them that are toxic, untreated wood is best. But do NOT use a box made of walnut as this wood can be toxic to some animals. Usually plain old fir plywood is fine. And it should be big enough for her to move about fairly easily. Put hay or fine straw in it and give it to her. She will do the rest. But you MUST get her the food that is for lactating rabbits, because it has more protein and trace minerals in it and without it she might eat the babies due to malnutrition (some do anyway, but it is almost a given without the right feed). Also ask the vet about a salt lick if you don't have one already.


    I raised rabbits for more than 20 years.
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  • Bumperbunny answered 3 years ago
    Rabbit gestation is 31 days.

    Does usually start to build a nest somewhere between a week and two days before they have babies. It's VITAL that you give your doe a nest box as soon as possible to keep her kits from wandering away, chilling, and missing meals. Any small box will work, such as a small plastic bin without the lid. Avoid cardboard if possible, as the doe will chew it and it will absorb urine. Pack the box with hay and give her additional hay with which to build her nest.

    Also, if the rabbit is still with the dad, remove him right away. He can harm the babies and will breed the female back as soon as she gives birth.

    I just thought I should let you know that first-time moms often lose their litters, at about a 50% rate. They usually do much better the next time.

    Also, it's easy to worry about whether your doe is feeding her litter, but she almost certainly is. Rabbits only feed their babies once or twice a day. This is to keep them safe in the wild, by not alerting predators to the location of the nest. It can take a few days for the doe's milk to come in. This is normal and protects the female from mastitis should the litter die. Kits can live for 72 hours without eating! Do not intervene and try to hand raise the kits unless absolutely necessary, because it is usually unsuccessful.

    This website walks you through baby bunny care and gives plans for building nestboxes:


    6+ years of breeding rabbits; American Rabbit Breeders Association national runner-up Queen;
    ARBA raising rabbits handbook
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  • Sue Browne answered 3 years ago
    Rabbits are usually pregnant for 31 days and they start to make their nest 2 days before they give birth. The vet expects you to know what date you took the doe to the buck's cage for mating. Then you place a nesting box inside the doe's cage on the 29th day so she can start to build her nest. Small rabbits might only have 2 - 4 babies but larger ones could have up to 10 or 15 at a time.
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  • Brandon Hawkins answered 3 years ago
    Make sure you are totally prepared! They take a lot of care and money especially with a big litter! They usually start there nest building about day 28 ish. But i have known bunnies to start on day 1! Mine started the day she give birth which was day 30. They all range in what they feel. She will probably be another 2 weeks! Good luck!
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  • british_srt_4 answered 3 years ago
    What do you mean by vest?
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