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Which of these QB's is better Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Tavarius Jackson, or Vince Young?

I'm thing Young, but I could also put up a good argument for Jackson as well.



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    My List..

    Mark Sanchez~In 2 years he hasn't missed a game and got the Jets to the AFC title game in both years.

    Matt Stafford~In 2 years he has done very little and can't seem to stay healthy. This guy is made of tissue paper and will be hurt again this season.

    Vince Young~He has mental problems

    Tavarius Jackson~Unproven QB

  • speedo
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    Mark Sanchez and company have taken the Jets to the AFC Championship game two seasons running, that is a great accomplishment considering he has been in the league two seasons. He has greatly improved in his second year and I see him only getting stronger, faster and more intelligent in his decision making.

    Of the four listed, Matthew Stafford has the ability and intelligence that a great QB needs. He remains prone to injury, dumb luck or inexperience, I am not sure. Other QB's play consistently with injuries. If he remains healthy, Matt will put up some numbers and guide his team to winning.

    Tavarius Jackson has not had enough playing time to evaluate effectively. I believe he has the talent, unfortunately he has not been able to showcase it.

    Vince Young has had a few years in the NFL, his attitude overshadows his on the field ability.

    I really have not seen that jump in his play that is quite visible with Sanchez or other QB's that have matured with each season.

    I would take Sanchez first, he has improved, has a good team with good coaches surrounding him.

    Next, I would take Stafford, he has the talent but needs to remain healthy. Jackson, I would love to see what he is trulycapable of, and Young would be last. His ability is overshadowed by other issues, deep down it has to be him. All those teams cannot be incorrect in assessment.

  • Chaos
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    8 years ago

    Mark Sanchez without a doubt. While Stafford spends his time on the IR, Tavarius spends his time warming the benches and Vince Young spends his time sucking, Sanchez is leading his team to two straight AFC champion games

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    For the level of talent.. this is how I would rank them in order.

    Matt Stafford when he is healthy.

    Vince Young has a lot of talent in him. He can run and throw the ball very well.

    Mark Sanchez is getting better as he goes.

    Tavarius Jackson is a decent quarterback and has been a back-up on and off. He hasn't prove anything.

    For a level for success.. this is how I would rank them in order.

    Mark Sanchez has been in AFC champ ship twice in the row. He has only been playing in NFL for two season. In his rookie year, he wasn't that great. However, he is getting better as he plays.

    Vince Young has won at least 60% of his games as a starter. I think he won thirty games and only lost about ten games.

    Tavarius Jackson hasn't brought too many success. He played as a back-up quarterback too many times.

    Lets say that if I ever need a quarterback to fill my roster spot. This is what I would them in order..

    I believe that Vince Young still has the talent to shine. I don't understand why he has to play as a back-up for the Micheal Vick. But maybe he is going to have better success to find a team to start somewhere else.

    Mark Sanchez is getting better as he goes. I think he is going to have a breakout season this year.

    Matt Stafford is a risky, because he hasn't been proven to stay healthy. I would like to have him over Tavarius Jackson if I have a great offense linemen to protect Stafford.

    Jackson goes last.. He hasn't prove anything. This year, he has a chance to prove if he can shine with the Seahawks.

    Notes to everyone..

    Mark Sanchez isn't as bad as you think. Like I said, he is getting better and getting more comfortable with deep throws. He's going to have a breakout season.

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    Have to go with Mark Sanchez on this. Sanchez is probably the least talented in terms of raw ability, but he's achieved far more success in his career than the other three. Young lacks the mental maturity to ever succeed as a QB, Jackson's confidence is shattered and he's yet to pick up the pieces. Stafford should be the best, but he's not gotten past his injuries yet and until then it's got to be Sanchez.

  • Mark Sanchez

  • If Stafford can stay healthy all year, he'll have a big year. but as of RIGHT NOW... I've got to say Sanchez becuase he's been proven. even though he hasn't has the HUGE year... His team around him has been good.

    Vince Young is nothing more than an option quarterback that can't throw. and Jacksno hasn't shown anything to be on top of these selection of quarterbacvks.

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    Stafford is clearly the most polished of the 4. Vince has the most physical talent, but he's a head case!Jackson can't seem to keep a job ( so is it him or them?) and Sanchez is NOT the savior of the Jets!

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    say mark sanchez, matt stafford, tavarius jackson then vince young. all are starters but vince young.

  • Anonymous
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