jobs for a 15 year old in UK?

Anyone know any jobs in UK for a 15 year old? im 15 in november but im desperate now as my parents are really struggling with money and id like to try and help them out a little as they keep trying to support me finacially but its hard as i have a really ill disabled sister dying (sorry for the story) i used to be a baby sitter for my mums friend but she never paid as she 'was skint everyweek' can you just please name a few places? thankyou for your help x

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    9 years ago
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    I'm sure you have thought of the usual ideas - paper round, washing cars or walking dogs for neighbours etc.

    Have you thought about trying to save your parents some money by 'shopping around' for things when they haven't got time to do that themselves? For example, if your mother's grocery bill is £x a month, could you try to find items similar to those she buys, but at lower prices? There are lots of sites to help you, such as

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    The problem is at 15 you are only legally able to work a few hours and this is why the working world available to you is paper rounds and very little else. You might find a couple of hours washing up in a pub or something by hunting around but it is really hard.

    Are you parents claiming all they are entitled to with your sister and getting good help and advise with this?

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    You are not allowed to work in the uk at 15 unless its a saturday job or paper round.Dont you know the countrys skint no-one can find a job now!

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    My sister averages nearly $20 an hour with her own simple business picking up dog droppings. She works outside, setting her own hours, and does it using a bicycle as transportation. It is also something a child age 10 and up can do alone, with an adult, or a whole family business. This article describes how.


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