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Which version/edition of each religion's holy book do you recommend that I read?

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I'm an atheist studying literature at university. I plan, at some point, to read the holy books of all the world's major religions. I believe it would be ignorant of me, as I am interested in and studying literature, not to read the pieces of literature which have shaped millions of lives for thousands of years. I also think it will help me to understand different religions more, because we only got a brief overview of them in school.

So my question is this: which particular version of each religion's holy book do you recommend that I read? Is there one edition or version that is regarded as the most accurate, or the most widely accepted? I'm grateful for any help you can give me.

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    Hi the most accurate and upto date Holy Scriptures are found in

    The New World Trqanslation of The Holy Scriptures

    translation not a version as in the King James Version

    example King James thought it good enough to alloy the holy name of God to appear very few times in his authorised Version of the Bible

    yet in truth it appears over 7000 time through out the bible

    recently the pope has asked that the name of God be removed from all Catholic literature

    well Revelation tells us what will become of that arrogant wicked man

    the Name of God is Jehovah

    you can get a free copy of The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures from any one of Jehovahs Wittnesses

    I also suggest most strongly that you get a free copy of

    What Does The Bible Really Teach

    also from Jehovahs Witnesses

    as before you start to read other holy or so called holy writings

    you need a back ground in the reality of the Bible

    due to the false teachings that permiate other bibles and so called holy writtings

    if you just go hell for leather into reading the others first you will get very confused and totally side tracked

    a dangerous situtaion to be in

    Honestlt if you go with the way I am strongly advising you will soon realize the futility of reading through the other ones you will find thier lies out faster and not waste your precious life on them

    LOL andy

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    To get the full range of books in the Bible, consider reading the Catholic edition of the Revised Standard Version. It contains books that are not included in Protestant versions of the Bible. You may or may not agree with the additional books, but it would give you a better picture of what many, though not all, Christians consider to be authentic Scripture.

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    King James Version and New International Version are two texts deemed accurate by many, the only difference being KJV has a heavier language due to the time it was translated.

    I heard most of the English translations for Qur'an are pretty good, but I'm not sure

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    Most people I know tout the Maulana Muhammad Ali translation as the best, but I really don't like the old-fashioned English and all the footnotes and explanations on every page. My personal favorite translation of the Qur'an is "The Holy Koran" by S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali because it is clear and doesn't have distracting footnotes. If you like the older, more formal style (like KJV in the Bible), try the Marmaduke Pickthall translation.

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    As to other religions, I cannot say. But Buddhism has a number of accepted texts, but not one that is universally accepted as *the* one to read. I personally find myself drawn to the Pali Canon. Others might prefer the sutras, or the Bodhicarya. I've heard it said that Buddha taught different ways for different minds. I think in Buddhism, therefore, it depends on the student.

    Edited to add: The free translations are generally difficult to understand. It's better to get a paid one if possible. As well, in a number of contexts, the words for anger and fierceness were confused. So if a sentence doesn't make sense you might substitute the other word.

  • King James Version. No adding, changing words. It's the original one, basically.

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    The first book you should read is the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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    attempt analyzing the Tao te Ching in that is unique language. additionally, for reference of the bible, the e book "Kabbalistic replicate of Genesis" provides an atheistic account of the bible (sure, that is achieveable.) As for my very very own faith, i does not say that's a significant worldwide faith yet my e book is The e book of the regulation, that is 3 chapters and in English. that is noticeably metaphorical however, so optimistically you do recognize what you're doing.

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    Hinduism: The Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita. William Buck wrote an amazing version of the former.

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