Which sites are best for selling Art work on?

I'm considering selling some of my illustrations and photography, what's the best site that has potential buyers? Is etsys good? Thanks :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do your research and make sure the company is reputable before giving out your personal information!

    Make money selling your original handmade artwork (drawings, paintings, digital art, photographs) on these websites:

    1. ArtBreak

    2. ArtByUs

    3. Artid

    4. ArtQuid

    5. ArtFire

    6. Atoncer

    7. Bonanza

    8. Craftisart

    9. D'Art Fine Art

    10. Discovered Artists

    11. Ebay

    12. Etsy

    13. iOffer

    14. MadeItMyself

    15. MyArtSpace (buy-sell feature coming soon)

    16. Original Art Online

    17. Sell-Arts Marketplace

    18. Yessy Art Gallery

    19. Zatista

    20. Zibbet

    Make money selling ANYTHING on a free or paid for online store.

    1. Atomic Mall (free??)

    2. Atoncer (free??)

    3. Ecrater (free)

    4. FreeWebstore (free - basic plan only)

    5. HighWire Commerce (free - basic plan only)

    6. Miiduu (free - basic plan only)

    7. QuickBizStores

    8. Shopify

    9. Storenvy (free)

    10. Volusion

    11. WebPlus Shop (free - basic plan only)

    Upload a high resolution image of your artwork and the company will reproduce the artwork as prints and other items. They will create and ship the items to your customers and pay you when someone buys your items. Some of these websites allow you to sell your original handmade artwork or photographs also.

    1. ArtSlant (sell original art also)

    2. Artist Rising (sell original art also)

    3. Artspan (sell original art also)

    4. ArtWanted (sell original art also)

    5. ArtyBuzz

    6. CafePress

    7. DeviantArt

    8. DPC Prints

    9. Fine Art America (sell original art also)

    10. FotoMoto

    11. ImageKind (sell original art also)

    12. MySoti

    13. Pixpa (sell original art also)

    14. Qoop

    15. Red Bubble

    16. Saatchi Online (sell original art also)

    17. Zazzle

    Upload a high resolution of your artwork and make money selling a self-published book of your artwork. The company will create and ship the book to your customers and pay you when someone buys your book.

    1. Blurb

    2. CreateSpace

    3. Lulu Enterprises

    4. Qoop

    You could also get your own website. Pay for a website address through Yahoo Small Business, SquareSpace, FolioTwist, or another web hosting company. Google search "web hosting" to find more providers. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE or E-commerce is an extra feature that you can buy from your web host. E-commerce allows you to sell things on your website. Or you can display your art on a free website such as Google Sites, Weebly, Blogger, WordPress Free Blog, Tumblr while you sell your art on Ebay or Etsy.

    Learn "search engine optimization", which is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines. If your website is ranked high in search results, it will more than likely get alot of visitors. Google search the words "search engine optimization" for more information or buy a book on the subject at Amazon website.

    Buy the book, 2011 Artist's And Graphic Designer's Market by Mary Burzlaff Bostic or the 2011 Photographer's Market by Mary Burzlaff Bostic at Amazon website or check out these book's official website called ArtistsMarketOnline. These books have been in print since 1975 and is considered a complete resource for artists and photographers. These books are updated every year to include the current contact and submission information for tons of places, such as greeting card companies, art fairs, art galleries, magazines, book publishers, calendar publishers, stock photo agencies, advertising agencies, and more. It will tell you how and where to sell your artwork.

    Buy the book, Legal Guide For The Visual Artist by Tad Crawford at Amazon website (fifth edition, published 2010). This book gives in-depth information on legal issues facing artists such as copyright, artist-gallery relationships, legal forms, contracts, leases, licensing, sales, taxes, how to find professional advisers/attorneys, how to negotiate, and much more!


    Open an account on photo sharing or video sharing websites (YouTube, Flickr, etc.) that gets HIGH volumes of traffic everyday! Post a FEW of your BEST artworks on these sites. The goal is to remain active by posting comments to get more exposure! If you post comments on other people's pictures or videos, they will more than likely check out your account as well. After each comment, type your name, Example: John Doe, Watercolor Artist. Also, use as MANY tags as possible so your photos/videos can be found by alot of people! Use a picture of your BEST ARTWORK as your AVATAR. You can't state that you sell artwork on these sites because they generally don't allow commercialism, so simply type your email or website address under your profile, so people can contact you directly about your artwork.

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    Etsy is awesome also start up an account on deviant art. :D and spread the word by making your own blog, make it fun and make it you. Best of luck!

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    8 years ago

    Deviantart .com is a great site to show off your art as well as sell prints.

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