What exactly is an experienced and skilled lover...?

Mrs Swipe has been reading this book, and apparently the male lead has been described as such.

I think I know what an experienced lover must be... some sort of pole cat... but a skilled one?

Is it some sort of 'action' in the hips? Or perhaps a hitherto unknown but easily performed perversion, that produces maximum excitement on demand...?

Any guidance would be gratefully received.


I do apologise... the question should of course be, 'What is an experienced and skilled lover exactly...?'

I must be drunk.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Drunk is good...

    A skilled lover knows many different styles and has different moves. By styles, I mean sensual, tantric/erotic, thrill seeking, romantic, athletic, rough, s&m... you get the idea.

    It also means that a lover is able to pay VERY close attention to his partner and notice what subtle changes to make or what things to continue. For example, I might kiss a woman on the wrist. Her breathing, heart rate, skin tension and muscle tightening will tell me if I am on the right track. If I were doing something that I could see her face, I would watch her nostrils flare, the color of her cheeks or the tension of her lips. There are a million signs that let you know that your partner is enjoying or not enjoying your actions.

    I start by making a quick sweep of my lovers body and alternate between rough, sensual, gentle, firm... to see what mood she is in. One day she may want soft love making and another day she might want rough control sex. This often coordinates with where she is in her monthly cycle. 2 weeks into her cycle, she probably wants it rough and erotic. Closer to her period, she probably wants it more romantic. Never assume, always check.

    I know exactly how hard to thrust and how fast based on her body physiology. Even the taste of her kiss can tell me what she is liking or wants.

    It's really not that hard to be amazing in bed. You just have to pay attention.

    I was a swinger for years and had the opportunity to try several techniques. No two women are alike or have the same tastes in bed. You have to adapt very quickly. It didn't take me long to be the club favorite among women. They would flock to me when I arrived and ask me to do that thing they love again.

    The problem with doing this during swinging was that I would far exceed their husband in bed. One gal had never had an internal/intercourse orgasm prior to our sex. She did 5 times that night and on subsequent nights. Last I heard, her husband still hasn't been able to do this. As it turns out, all I did was damage marriages. I was proud of myself right up until I realized what I had been doing.

    The only caveat to all of these techniques is that if the woman writes you off mentally before you crawl into bed, nothing you will do matters. Walk away and save face. By rejecting her, you make her want you. It's sad, but extremely effective.

  • 10 years ago

    The common misconception is that the sex makes an amazing partner. Actually, the biggest deal is the foreplay. If you can turn a woman on so much that she forgets where she is, the sex doesn't really matter much since she'll enjoy it regardless. She'll guide you the rest of the way with her body, you'll just have to read her moves and follow them exactly.

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    If you do not understand the qualifications apparently not you.

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