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Harry potter and the half blood prince?

In harry potter and the half blood prince movie ,after draco finds the vanishing cabinit why does he run into the toilet and start crying.

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    he's scared of failing in trying to kill dumbledore. and there is a bit of him that doesn't want to kill dumbledore. maybe you should read or re-read the books.

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    Draco has been given the task of letting Death Eaters into Hogwarts and killing Dumbledore because of his father's failure at the Ministry. Voldemort realizes that Draco is unlikely to kill Dumbledore, but he doesn't feel pity. Draco knows that if he should fail, the Dark Lord will kill him, which to a teenage boy is obviously terrifying. This is why throughout this book Draco is heard crying and seems in a different state than his normal pompous, arrogant self.

    Source(s): Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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    Because he's frustrated at how hard it is to fix the Vanishing Cabinet - he knows that if he fails in repairing it Voldemort will punish him & his family severely. The vanishing cabinet was crucial for the Death Eaters to invade Hogwarts, making the fact that it had to be fixed a very important job.

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    he cried because he couldn't fix the vanishing cabinet, and it was the thing that was used to transport death eaters to hogwarts where they and draco can kill dumbledore. voldemort gave him the job of killing dumbledore to draco because it was a punishment for draco's father and voldemort knew he would fail. but if draco fails, voldemort would kill him.

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    Because he knows that he is doomed to fail in his task to kill Dumbledore and will be killed by Voldermort when he does.

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