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If we aim for the title - we will fall short and get a top 4 spot - if we aim for 4th?

" I think its beneficial and more realistic to set your sights on top four. "

do you agree with that ?

I personaly don't i'm afraid.

aim for 4th and we'll end up in 5th, 6th or possibly 7th aagain - ALTHOUGH i doubt it as we have no European football obligations this season and a MASSIVE squad packed full of a variety of diverse midfielders.

Surely if we aim for 1st each season (like Arsenal do ) then you create a placebo effect at the club, amongst players and coaching staff and your rivals begin to buy into the bluff - that you're one of their title challengers !

Arsene knew after 04/05 , when Chelsea won the title in a dominating fashion (95 pts...) and Arsenal finished 2nd - that it was now 'officially over' for them - and that Chelsea had brutally knocked them off the picture for any future title challenges, especialy with the commitments to the new stadia venture.

They set a new benchmark in standard to reach - United being managed by SAF didn't shy away from that, and met that challenge face on - but Arsene couldn't - he began instead, to rebuild a 'new team' - selling off his most established stars one by one.

What he did was one of the most cleverest things ever in the EPL - he told a 4th spot challenging club - that they're good enough to win the title (when actualy they were far from being good enough).

The placebo has worked wonders for them since 04/05, but i fear the fans and some key players are no longer convinced - and are fed up waiting.

But BECAUSE Wenger made them believe they were GOOD ENOUGH to fight for the title each season - they've managed to finishi n the top 4 reuguarly.

if we convince our selves that thre are o league places above 4th, and that 4th is our 'holy grail' - we're stupid.

sorry but that is not the mentality a club of our stature or history ought to adopt.

" crawl before you can walk "

sure, but why not try running before you can crawl ! ^_^

that way, you'll cover a lot of distance haha

look, my point is - if we aim for 4th spot - and obessess over that this season, we'll finish 5th lol

so lets tell ourselves we ARE going to WIN the 2011/12 BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE TITLE ! ^_^

the gooners have been telling themselves that since 05/06 - and theyve always gotten into CL !

Lastly - remember this season ?


LOL @ Lipi..

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    Every top club should go in to a season thinking of winning it. This goes to a good 6 clubs I can think of in the EPL (United, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, 'Pool and City).

    But mentality is a big part of football, though that isn't always expressed on the field. I mean most Liverpool fans were expecting a HUGE season at the beginning of last season while under a new manager and with new additions like Meirelis, Konchesky, Cole and the expected HOT form from Torres. But all that went pear shaped. It was until the introduction of a new manager and the departure of Torres that Liverpool really came alive.

    So ambition is always good. Liverpool are looking very ambitious as well. But all I'll say is don't expect too much this early on.

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    In my opinion a realistic goal is better for a player's mindset-falling behind only encourages doubt among players and fans.

    I don't think anyone is really considering Liverpool as a title challenger next season, even with Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez up front. It's been proven time and time again that injecting huge amounts of money in a short time period does little to improve results in the short term.

    What Liverpool CAN look forward to is the near future, maybe 3 or 4 years. As proven by the contract length of Andy Carroll and others, Liverpool are looking forward which is a GREAT thing for the club and the fans.

    I like your optimism but in my opinion you'll have to wait a couple more years! Either way let's sit back and enjoy this next season of the Premier League :)

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    Your spot on if we go for the title with a gun ho mind set we should finish easily top 4. Dont play nervously throughout the season and we are easily better than arsenal this season.

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    Genuinely if he can get all these players to gel quickly he coulds take advantage of Arsenals crisis and Spurs inactivity. but if they dont and they are way off the pace come xmas i can see Reina, Suarez and anyone else wanted by the CL clubs giving a move serious consideration.

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    Pal I mean this with respect and kindness but you can aim all you want, Liverpool will finish 6th there defence is still to ropey.

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    Couldnt agree more... Fight for the title and even if we dont win it, we'll atleast be contending for 4th place by default...

    I like your thinking...

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    The goal is to win as many games as you can. That's all there is to it.

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    GIve back the 2005' champions league and GOd will give you back a clean conscience and a fair fate.

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