Can a hermaphrodite impregnant themselves?

So I'm a so called hermaphrodite. That means I have both male and female genitalia. That naturally makes it difficult finding someone to make kids with, because they're usually disgusted by the fact that I have more genitalia than I am supposed to.

Therefore I got this idea, that I could insert my own semen into my vagina, to impregnant myself. The question however... Is this possible? Would I become pregnant? And could it cause any trouble for the child? For example, I've heard that if people that are closely related gets a child, it can be weird, and have bigger risk at getting diseases. Because of the same genes or something, I don't really know. Does that mean, that if I impregnated myself, making a baby out of just one persons DNA, that it would have a bigger risk of getting diseases at birth?

I've also heard that there are animals that can impregnant themselves, and the babies become a perfect copy of the mother. Would that happen in this case? Would I technically clone myself by doing this? Creating another baby that has both genitalias? I really hope this isn't the case, with all the experimentation with sex kids do nowadays. He would probably impregnant herself by the age of 15.

Please help me here. I will appreciate any answer. Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well if you're a "so called" hermaphrodite you would have impregnated yourself at 15. And no. In order to reproduce you need two different pairs of genes. A hermaphrodite wouldn't.

    To answer your question: no.

    If you were a hermaphrodite you would've worded this way differently. You'd also know that hermaphrodites are sterile. Troll

    Source(s): 7th grade biology.
  • Lily R
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    9 years ago

    To my knowledge you can't impregnate yourself.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    F*ck You. You really have nothing better to do with yourself during the day then make up a troll question this long? Go to hell.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    lmao Troll question, but funny.

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  • Anonymous
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    your welcome...

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