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Please help, broke my no contact rule with my ex bf. Was this a mean thing to say?

My long distance ex bf broke off with me 5 weeks ago saying that he couldnt do distance but wanted to remain friends just in case we may have the chance to get back together if we were in the same city. I have been following the no contact rule with him but broke it by sending him an email this week asking him if we will ever be able to rekindle what we had in the future. He sent me a reply saying that if we were in the same city he would get in touch with me and then asked me why I was asking this question. I said to him that I might meet someone in the near future while going out with friends.... was this a mean thing to say? What would he have thought about my reply?

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    Ahhhhh the old "no contact" rule. Girl no contact applies only to couples in which one party does not feel for the other anymore. Since your ex did not say that he does not wanna see you, you can still make things work! What you wrote over email is not a mean thing, in fact, you are just setting yourself to the hard to get situation.

    Here's my suggestion:

    1. avoid visitation, but hang out in that area more.

    2. "bump" into him more often and catch up. Build strong chemistry, do this for a while.

    3. Stop the habit of "bumping" into him. Stop all contact altogether. He'll relapse fond memories with you.

    4. All of a sudden, show up with another guy. If he asks about your relationship status, keep it a mystery.

    5. Disappear for a while. He'll start contacting you like crazy, but let him wait.

    6. Talk to him, see what he wants..... You'll know by now.

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    well it's the truth, and he have a good point long distance relationship is hard to keep

  • I wouldn't say it's a mean thing to say.. But, unnecessary!

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    you played it unclassy and tried to make him jealous. it wasnt mean, just stupid on your part.

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