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I broke my no contact rule with my ex bf. Was this a mean thing to say?

My long distance ex bf broke off with me 5 weeks ago saying that he couldnt do distance but wanted to remain friends just in case we may have the chance to get back together if we were in the same city. I have been following the no contact rule with him but broke it by sending him an email this week asking him if we will ever be able to rekindle what we had in the future. He sent me a reply saying that if we were in the same city he would get in touch with me and then asked me why I was asking this question. I said to him that I might meet someone in the near future while going out with friends.... was this a mean thing to say? What would he have thought about my reply?

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    Would have thought nothing of it - its obvious you're just trying to play games.

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    Many girls break up with their significant others, is because they need time to figure things out. Don't take it personally, if you want her back, you have to show her you can help her. If you love her then you'll let her go, that's it. Not everybody who you date in high school you end up staying with, the chances are extremely unlikely. So if she doesn't want to, then you need to let her go.

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    no it really isnt

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