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How to beat a Magic the Gathering Animar control deck?

Hi. I am new to EDH also called commander and my brother knows I like to run token decks. He also knows that I like to run decks with black and or white. He chose animar as his general to destroy me every time and it worked. I don't quit or give up but we play a lot of games a day and I haven't won a single game in 3 weeks. He is a far superior deck builder and has made decks that made me quit standard, extended, legacy, and all other formats except EDH. I need help building a deck that will smash his animar control every time, because I do not want to quit magic by leaving this format. I don't quit because I lose, I'm just saying not being able to win in over three weeks means his deck is really smashing mine and asking for one win every once in a while would be nice :). I have tried over 20 decks and they have all failed. If i can't win every time, i just ask that this deck idea lets me win every once in a while. I'm tired of losing every game and having to listen to his stupid table talk. Basically, I need help building an anti animar deck. I can deal with the counters, its the pro white pro black ability that sucks. There's also the infinite combos his deck can do. He can gain infinite card draw, life, destruction of my permanents, counters on animar, and anything else you can think of with this deck. I just don't know anymore. I'm done throwing my money away if I can't win once a month. He turned a casual format into yet another competitive field where you have to win to enjoy it. I don't like that. Anyway, any and all deck ideas will be accepted and tried, and I thank you for helping me.

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    Well, I've been playing the game for a while and no deck is unbeatable.You need a deck that can put Animar away consistently every time he tables, or find a way to get rid of him for good.So I propose that you construct a deck built around the commander Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind.I choose him as the perfect Animar defeating general as he is Animar's opposite and has the color pool to deal with him and his army of overcasted monsters.Let's take a look at them: Animar has a casting cost of URG while Niv-Mizzet has a casting cost of 2UURR.This means that Animar is probably his first or if not one of his earliest drops.Niv-Mizzet on the other hand is your finisher.While he can keep re-casting Animar multiple times, Niv-Mizzet will only need to show once. Animar has protection from white and black, and gets +1/+1 counters to not only get bigger but cheapen his deck, and a starting 1/1 body, while Niv-Mizzet has flying, pings creatures and players anytime you draw a card, can tap to draw a card (is practically a shock on his own after your draw step), and has a solid 4/4 body.Against a lot of decks, the Protection from white and black can be horrendously annoying, especially if your deck is made of or contains one or both of those colors.Instead of giving him the edge (since it seems as though white and black are your favorite colors and you seem desperate for a total winning streak), it would be wise to run without them.This leads us back to the UR Niv-Mizzet, whose entire deck won't grant Animar immunity to your removal spells, control, and grant unblockability. Animar's ability can get out of hand quickly in the early game easily granting him an enormous Animar backed by a ton of large and obnoxious creatures.Niv-Mizzet offers you the colors to keep putting him away.Not only do you have countless counter and burn spells, you also have reusable ones like "Spell Crumple" (which can put him away for good) and "Red Sun's Zenith". These colors can also deal with his army of creatures through "Earthquake", "Rolling Earthquake", "Slagstorm", and on the safer side "Disaster Radius".You also have "Blue Elemental Blast" and "Red Elemental Blast".If he mistakingly built his Animar deck with hordes of creatures and little to no instants or sorceries, then he really doesn't have a way to control the game other than playing a number of huge creatures that you can't deal with.You know he can't do anything on yours or other players' turns and that he has no way of effecting combat as it happens!UR is the perfect combination of control that can throw a leash on Animar and YOU bring him out when you want.Not only would you employ these spells to deal with Animar and other threats, you also need board control if anything you don't like tables through your inability to counter.Luckily, R offers us the BEST pingers available like "Goblin Sharpshooter", "Jaya Ballard, Task Mage", "Gelectrode", two forms of Chandra, "Nin, the Pain Artist", and even your commander can keep putting Animar in line every time he tables.To ensure to keep him down no matter how big he gets, just grant your pingers the ability of deathtouch through "Gorgon Flail", Quietus Spike", and "Basilisk Collar".The remaining portion of the deck should be full of cards that make Niv-Mizzet rediculous.You want tons of card draw, additional upkeeps, and creatures that let you draw AND discard cards.You may be asking about the discard: I say abuse your "Merfolk Looter" with cards with the madness mechanic, in which you will play your own spells for dirt cheap and draw a card.The madness cards include "Circular Logic", the "Fiery Temper", "Obsessive Search", and "Violent Eruption".You also want cards that draw you an insane number of cards like "Jin-Gitaxius, Core Augur", "Consecrated Sphinx", "Mind Spring", "Arcanis, the Omnipotent", and "Psychosis Crawler".You also would want "Brainstorm" and "Divination"With all of these cards coming in, you not only do tons of damage with Niv-Mizzet, but also draw into the control you need to dominate over Animar. I'd include a "Venser's Journal", "Library of Leng", and "Reliquary Tower" just to keep all of your cards that you draw. Clone and Phyrexian Metamorph make for excellent commander-removal spells.It would be nice to have everyone draw and discard cards to foil their plans and deal damage in the process.Cards that discard and draw include "Chandra Ablaze", "Time Reversal", "Wheel of Fortune", "Jace's Archivist", "Dragon Mage" and "Magus of the Jar".Other auto-includes would be "Bazaar of Baghdad", "Frantic Search", "Winds of Change", "Careful Study", "Spellbound Dragon", and "Knollspine Dragon"I'd look into these cards as well as do some Gatherer searches to get more ideas for your deck.Hope I could help and best of luck!Let me know if I can help with other formats!

    • i know this comment is old but its soo good. my melek deck smashes my friends animar deck everytime!

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    Magic The Gathering Control Deck

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    Animar Edh Deck

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    Uh, don't play a black and white deck? You are asking to be beat if all you play if white/black and he knows it.

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