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What'd be the difference between National Socialism and Global Socialism, socialism on different scales?

I am talking about the basic operating principles, not any alleged policy of the Nazis, National Socialism was before Hitler came to power, Hitler is not National Socialism he is just one advocate who disliked foreign people in his country, mass moved them in terrible conditions, many dying. I've seen a few counter evidences to the proposition that "Jew were gassed in gas chambers" and that "Exactly the magnitude of 6 million Jews died", so I am sceptical of the popular-accepted details.

I'm open to cross-examination of either the popular opinion or the sceptical opinion; I just know there are disputes about the details of their deaths, both sides agree that people died, that Jews died, but it is THE METHOD AND THE MEANS AND THE INTENTION that they disagree on.

Now, I was wondering if 'national socialism' is 'socialism' confined to a nation and that nation's interest only, then what would 'GLOBAL socialism' be?

Perhaps, it is 'socialism' NOT confined to a nation or any single or selective nation's interest only, but act in the interest of the global mass of people? Is that close?

What political systems closely approximate GLOBAL SOCIALISM ? Communism? or what? What closely approximates that system?

IS THE EU an example of SUPRANATIONAL SOCIALISM that is socialism take beyond country onto another LEVEL OF OPERATION?


THE NAME SAYS IT ALL; unless you mean Hitler which I DON'T.

Update 2:

Fascism = Strict Nationalism

Socialism = The people own the economy.

Nationalism = Prioritising the nation over others.

Update 3:

National Socialism = The people own the economy but they must support the nation first by law.

Fascism = strict and rigid form of nationalism, no rule bending or compromise, and there are penalties for breaking the rules by supporting other countries before the nation.

Update 4:

Maybe Hitler was not following the definition "let the people support nation first and own the economy".

I think at best Hitler broke away from the definition, at worst a total corruption.

Update 5:

LETS SAY that (nazi party assassins) was what you call a VIOLENT REVOLUTION, that don't discount a peaceful one, unless the citizens of that country are mixed in the allegiance to the nation.

I GUESS it depends on what you call NATION.

Update 6:

And DEPENDS on the people WANTING to OWN THE ECONOMY, or let foreign business and people run that nation.

Update 7:

GLOBAL CAPITALISTS will likely want to confuse the policy of the NAZIS with what the DEFINITION REALLY IS.

If you define it as "let the people support nation first and own the economy"; then one can easily see were the NAZIS got it wrong.

There are even CAPITALIST violent revolutions, there are DEMOCRATIC violent revolutions; so every ideology has its fair share of MAD HATTERS but that don't discredit or shouldn't discredit the original thought or definition behind it.

There are MAD CHRISTIANS but nobody stops believing it for that reason (maybe they do I don't know but a good number of people still do anyway).

Update 8:

Were those corporations German or foreign?

If German, would that benefit Germans in a roundabout way?

If so, then it would be in their interest.

If the government saw workers' unions would rob their ability to enforce nationalism with foreign interest that might be a motive for their acts?

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    Otto Wels, the leader of the left-wing SPD (the real socialists in Germany) said:

    “The gentlemen of the National Socialist Party call the Movement they have unleashed a National and not a National Socialist Revolution. The only connection between their Revolution and Socialism has been confined until now to the attempt to destroy the Social Democratic Movement which has constituted the pillar of the Socialist body of thought for more than two generations, and will continue to do so in future. If the gentlemen of the National Socialist Party intended to perform Socialist deeds, they would not need an Enabling Act to do so.”

    The Nazis established a Fascist dictatorship. They were not real socialists. Their principles have to be judged on the basis of what they did. The Nazis further enriched the big German industrialists.

    The Nazis busted all independent trade unions, declaring that unions were run by communists and Jews. They either murdered union leaders or imprisoned them.

    There was no more collective bargaining in Germany and certainly no strikes. The objective was to strengthen German industry, at the expense of the workers, in order to put Germany on a war footing. The rich got richer. Wages declined. This was not a workers-oriented ideology in operation, no matter what they said to get elected.

    You can't separate out Hitler and his group of Nazis from the other Nazis because they agreed to his leadership and his principles. Their main purpose for such initial unity was to wipe out the left wing parties and woo the right-wing parties for support. They achieved that purpose.

    The Nazis' aggressive policies were partially based on nationalistic ideology that they fostered. They were able to do that because of Germany's humiliation after WW I. Hitler's policies were based on his racial theories that required the Lebensraum for the German people that could only be achieved through the conquest of the lands of the "inferior" Slavic people of Eastern Europe.

    Edit: Btw, that was the last public speech that Wels gave in Germany under the Nazis because the Nazis thereafter eliminated all of the SPD party leaders through imprisonment and/or murder. A few fled to other countries to continue the fight.

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    Socialist/Communist regimes have killed at least 150 million people. The European Union has a Communist Constitution and the people of Europe are in grave danger once again. The European Union is waging a third war against us. Our nation and democracy are being dismantled. It is the same war for which 1.4 million British servicemen have given their lives twice before. Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism are one and the same.

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    National Socialism is a contradiction in terms. The reality of nazi Germany is that workers organisations were either outlawed or incorporated into the state. Either way they became useless as the state denied them independence. Socialism is an internationalist ideology. Nationalism is merely a narrow little philosophy that means that the rulers have total control over every aspect of people's lives.

    Global socialism is extremely democratic. It means workers have democratic control over the means of production, and the economy is planned...not the anarchy of the market that we see every day!

    The 'people' in nazi Germany certainly DID NOT control the economy. It was the huge corporations, who were controlled by the state, in charge!

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    Ah the corruption of definition, the bastardization of meaning, and the rewriting of history.

    Welcome to advertizement (propaganda), and the "sales pitch", to close the deal on the dulcet.

    You can call what you're "pitching", anything you like.

    No matter the "handle" (CB term) you use, there's always room for Jello (abuse).

    Add a jingle, chant, color scheme (flag), a salute, symbol ... you're there ...

    a sheep herder.

    If you have a good idea witch brings about good results, people will come to you.

    If you're a con-man, you'll need a carnival to bring them in.

    There is no magic-pill, that all you have to do is sign on to, to get Nirvana. No one is going to hand it to you ... without taking a piece-of-the-pie "off the top" ... for themselves.

    The sooner you sober-up to that reality ... the better.

    Friggin Hyenas unable to make a kill themselves, fighting over carcasses for their sustenance.

    The head of the clan .. eats first.

    You get the scraps of the scraps, if anything at all.

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  • National Socialism = Not actually Socialism, just another name for fascism.

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    At this point, the global economic strategy calls for state capitalism and bail outs. Also programs that spread the wealth. We are in the middle of a bigger change of things to come globally. Socialism in the Western nations is on its way out with the exception of the US which is headed squarely into it. One would think the lessons learned by other nations would be a good reason not to follow that path but apparently they are ignored.. Nationalism of any kind seems to be severely frowned on these days.

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    Basic operating principles

    Government: "I own your ***"

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