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Crazy dream last night, please help me see what it's about?

I'll try to interpret the dream as well as possible.

So there I was waking up, I was having a dream about something that I now forget... But I wasn't home, I was on a planet away from home. I had no idea what was going on until it hit me! A few friends from this camp that I just went to were sent up on a shuttle from earth to a planet that was unknown to the human race. On this planet we met people that we knew, but weren't supposed to know because they we're born in the time period way before us. After getting my grounds about what was going on and where I was, I spent about 10+ years on this planet, trying to figure out how we were in a different dimension. I somehow came to the theory, after meeting my parents in the past. That time repeats itself and we we're in the future while we we're meeting somebody in the past. And all time lies on the same dimension. After finding out this astounding new way theory, we found a space shuttle that would take us off of the planet, time and time again we would try to get into the space shuttle, but every time we tried it would not be there or the door would not open. We we're able to try over and over again by warping time itself. Every time we had tried to open the door to the shuttle it wouldn't budge, so I decided to try even though I was weaker than the man trying to open it in the first place, and it had opened. I was about to take off and there we're about 50 people trying to get in. I was afraid I was not going to make it but still held the door open for the sake of my friends, and the people I loved. I had learned self sacrifice, and thinking I wasn't going to make it, I suddenly was pushed in by nothing, something omniscient maybe, into the shuttle. As we we're all relieved we made it on the shuttle, it took us back to earth. So we all fell asleep for a very, very long time.

We woke up years later and we were above the planet earth. So the shuttle suddenly fell back down to earth at a rapid speed. So we all put on the seatbelts that we're on the space shuttle and some people didn't make it to the seat belts in time... So we crash land in this winter wonderland, that resembled the camp that I went to for a week. And we all got out and ran inside the lunch hall, screaming and yelling, at one point I was so excited I threw a table through the window. But the people that we're home had told us that we had only been gone for a few minutes. So I start to find my mom, and I explain to her my experience being on this planet, and she didn't believe me of course. So I tried to explain to her my theory and that didn't work either... We we're in some type of shopping mall and it was my birthday and eveything started to fade. And then I actually woke up, and remembered it all.

That's the jist, I may have jumped around a bit but i'll put in some side notes:

1. The shuttle we got on was flat, not like a normal shuttle.

2. I met my dog who's head was off of its body, but it was still alive.

3. I met so many people who gave me so much advice, usually in riddles.

4. Right as I felt fulfillment in my theory, we tried to leave the planet, as if I had achieved something, like that was our purpose being there.

There is much, much more that I don't think would make sense, and I'm running out of room, so please, I've never had a dream like this and I think I was in this dream for a reason that I am unsure about. Please help this means the world to me, thanks in advance.

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  • 9 years ago
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    one thing u need to know about dreams is that they are highly symbolic. your rarely (if ever) dream about something, that is actually what it is... i hope that made sense to u. its very difficult to decipher dreams and it may not even be something that can be done 100% accurately. u may have recently encountered a situation that all of the events in ur dream were symbolizing but its very difficult to know for sure.. to be honest i didnt read the whole question, but had a feeling this would at least help u a little

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  • 9 years ago

    That sounds like a really amazing dream! Even though I really don't know anything about dream interpretation, I'm here to get my dream interpreted too, it sounds a lot like it's talking about success. Like people give you advice that you may not understand but that can help you succeed.

    Don't quote me on that like I said i'm not a dream interpretation person.

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