Cost of Child birth in the UK/ Scotland?

I am currently pregnant with my first baby and since all my family are permanent residents in Scotland (glasgow) I was wondering if I could go there to deliver my baby. I am covered by the insurance (all over the world except the states) but anywhere outside my home country payment will be made under reimbursement basis (i.e. I pay then show the bill to the insurance) I was therefore wondering if any of you know or have any idea on the average cost of childbirth both vaginal and c-section in the UK. I believe there is only one hospital in glasgow that is they royal infirmary which is part of the NHS so was wondering if I would be accepted there for childbirth since i'm not a UK citizen? And if so how much would it cost me? Are there any other private hospitals in glasgow and are they any good? Please note the following:-

1- I'm not an EU citizen.

2- I'm asking about the cost hence i'm not a free loader (plus i'm covered by the insurance)

3- Having my baby in the UK doesnt not entitle me nor my child to any benefits AT ALL. So i'm not looking for a residency or a citizen ship or free healthcare.. That is not applicable in UK since 1980 I guess and maybe only applicable in USA, Canada, and South Africa

4- please dont worry about my Visa I'm only asking about the cost of delivery. FYI I have a 5 year open visa :).

5- dont attack me in any way like others in this website did i'm only asking about the cost and nothing else.

6- Dont worry about my accommodation I have a free accommodation in the UK :)


@ jackie m: lol women relax i'm not applying for a permanent residency visa.. plus I already have an open visa to the uk.. There is a good relation between my country and UK :p.. so we are always given an open visa and can enter the uk anytime .. nest time try to keep your answers specific to the question

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  • Jan409
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    9 years ago
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    I live in Glasgow, and you won't be charged for giving birth in an NHS hospital in Scotland,

    regardless of where you come from

    I live near the Southern General hospital, on the southside,which has a large Maternity Unit

    However what I don't know if how you would book yourself in for pre natal care,maybe get one of your relatives to ask their own doctor

  • Jean
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    9 years ago

    Oh Lord, I doubt very many here in the UK can answer that, but a friend of mine delivered by elective repeat c-section in the Portland in central London (she's american, not entitled to NHS either) and the bill ran into several thousand pounds, all of which was covered by her insurance. The best thing to do is to find a private consultant in the area you want to deliver and ask for a breakdown of costs for a private patient. You can deliver in an NHS hospital, but they will present you with the bill. If you don'thave a long term address in Glasgow, it may be an issue because they may not be able to bill you. Your other option is to find a private midwife and opt for a home birth. The last time I checked, a priate midwife would cost 3-4 thousand pounds, and you would see the same person right from the beginning of your pregnancy, through the birth and post partum care. It may well be the cheaper option, but (a) I don't know if your insurance will cover that, and (b) I don't know how keen you'd be to give birth at home with no professional back up or pain management. Do some research, a quick google should find something private in Glasgow, it's a big city, there's bound to be something there.

    To anyone out there who migh bash this girl, any child born to a parent in the UK who is subject to immigration control (require a visa, or other immigration documentation) is NOT entitled to UK citizenship, free health care or socal benefits such as child benefit, free playschool, housing benefit, JSA, etc. Ireland and the UK changed their immigration policies to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country heavily pregnant to deliver in the country when they haven't been cleared medically to travel home, then using their child born in the country as leave to remain as a foreign national caring for a family member who is a UK/Irish citizen.

  • 9 years ago

    Hello from Glasgow, No you wont be able to delivery your baby in Scotland as you will have to apply for a visa before you can come here and that takes several months and with you being pregnant you would not get a visa till after baby is born. The government brought out a new law recently that anyone who comes to uk because they have family here will not be allowed free NHS for the first 2 years and that includes benefits. Good Luck

  • Carole
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    4 years ago

    1. You cannot fly 6 weeks before your due date. 2. You need to be a UK Citizen to be able to use the NHS. 3. You will not get a Visa to have your baby here. 4. C-Section is more expensive in it's thousands. 5. Your newborn baby cannot fly until he or she is 4 to 6 weeks old. 6. The NHS will not let you stay in their hospitals for more than 3 days. 7. Insurance will not cover your hotel accommodation.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would contact your preferred hospital in glasgow and ask them. Email them. It's cheap. However, see the link below to get an idea about costs in England.

    My friend paid about 3000 pounds for a private hospital birth in London. Her health insurance repaid her about 65%, which was actually better than she expected (she expected no more than half). I'm fairly sure, but not absolutely positive that this included prenatal care for the last trimester.

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