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Is it at all possible that The Holocaust is a Big Lie that was never properly verified?

I had heard all my life that Adolph Hitler was just a madman who got control of a country, built a War-Machine, tried to conquer the World, bit off what he could not chew, shot himself, yadda-yadda-yada.

When I became a Born Again Christian, I learned that Adolph Hitler was considered a man of the highest moral fibre and sound Christian Faith, being literally blessed and approved by his Pope, and given a concordat authorizing him to wage war on other nations with the intent of killing any Christians- Roman Catholic or Protestant- who opposed him. As proof of this, he was allied with Italy, and Benito Mussolini, who was head of State of the home of Roman Catholicism.

Roman Catholicism was apparently somewhat big in Japan, and Harry S. Truman, President of the United States, is said to have received his 33rd Degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry- only bestowed for especial services- for issuing the order to drop the second Atom Bomb on Nagasaki, which was an important centre of Roman Catholicism in Japan at the time.

As punishment for what they tried to do, The Vatican was kicked off the League of Nations, and no longer (officially) granted recognition as a sovereign state- a mere slap on the wrist, really.

This was an enormous eye-opener. It is perfectly understandable that these historical facts should be covered up- wisely or not. People thought differently in those days, and mistakes were made, where people know better now- one might hope.

However, what I never questioned was that the horrible, vile Nazi Germans imprisoned every Jew they could lay their hands upon, shipped them out to Concentration Camps, gassed them to death, and cremated the remains. I did my Primary Schooling in England, and these details were understandably not imposed upon us pre-teens. However, when I did my Secondary Schooling in Nigeria, there was basically no education on the Second World War up until the time that I dropped History at the Ordinary Level. it never came up in school at all. Any further intelligence on the subject I obtained from occasional books I might come across at Flea-Marts, and libraries, and the inevitable movie, novel, and comic-book media. It was gradually diffused into my brain, that the Nazis had killed six million Jews in their Extermination Camps. This knowledge assumed the proportions of a fact, as if I had seen it proven, whereas I had actually not ever.

When I became a Born Again Christian in 1979, we were saturated with preaching that the rise of a new nation of Israel in 1948 fulfilled Bible Prophecy (Matt. 24:32-34), whereby "JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!" He could come, we were told AT ANY MINUTE, because the Generation that was alive when the Nation of Israel began to "put forth its leaves" could not pass away before all things- The Rise of the AntiChrist, The Great Tribulation, and The Return of Jesus were fulfilled.

This was told us by many respected Christian Ministers of the most impeccable references. Some of our Heroes had even seen Jesus Christ face-to-face, and been granted supernatural Anointing Gifts to prove it. Tommy Lee Osborn, William Branham, Oral Roberts, Kenneth E. Hagin, Roland S. Buck, Roberts Liardon, and others. Why should we doubt such an enormous cloud of witnesses?

It was taken for granted that our christian leaders all knew what they were talking about.

There was no reason to doubt that Israel had a Right to exist and a Need to Exist, because it was massively unjust that they should have been put through The Holocaust, and lose six million peaceable persons in Cold Blood, who didn't do the least thing to deserve it (PoZ, or no PoZ)!

It was also Common Knowledge that the Nazis used a Cyanide Gas to exterminate the Jews- a preparation called "ZYKLON-B." Anyone who knew anything about The Holocaust knew about this hellish compound. I happened to bring this up incidentally in another question, and someone butted in, failing to answer my actual question, but referring me to a website. Obviously one of those "Holocaust-Denial" Nutters. I had time, so I looked up the links, and I found compelling claims- some of which I had heard before, that the Concentration Camps were not Extermination camps- which I had refused to hear before, because I had seen some Black & White war pictures showing inmates in the camp as they were being rescued. You could not unsee those images.

This website added four pieces of information I had never heard before:


1. The purpose of the ZYKLON-B was to kill the ticks and lice infesting the inmates, for their own good.

2. The "Gas Nozzles" in some supposed Gas Chambers were shower heads, and dispensed water.

3. The starvation evident in Concentration camp inmates was caused by the Allies, who bombed out the supply-lines. (Thanks, pals!)

4. The purpose of the camps was Deportation, not Extermination (which does not make it all right, but it puts a different face on the situation, and explains things, like why the Allies never went rushing in there to rescue the Jews before the Body-Count got so incredibly high- it was not what we were later told.) This therefore explains why (according to this Holocaust-Denier website) no execution order from Adolph Hitler was ever documented. Not even one.

Update 2:

This is all one person- or gang of persons' word against what has been minority-challenged Common Knowledge for six decades now. To claim that there is no proof of a Holocaust is like saying evidence has emerged proving the Apoolo Missions to the Moon were all faked!

Given how nasty the Nazis were supposed to be- and were proven to be- I have seen pictures of mass-executions and mass-graves- which does not have to prove a multi-million Holocaust- one would expect their descendants and sympathizers to lie massively- as Hitler certainly did.

But surely, it has to be disturbing that there was not the evidence we have been made to believe that there was?

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    The Holocaust deniers use half truths and out of context quotes anf information. And more than often they just lie.

    There has not been anything a denier gas ever said or done that has ever put a doubt on whether the Holocaust happened. Look into it, the major deniers have an anterior motive. I think I know who you are talking about on Yahoo. There are few troll who regularly deny the Holocaust on yahoo. They link to untruthful websites and fraudulent reports and they should just be ignored.

    The Holocaust happened. With all the proof that it happened (no not evidence, but proof) you would tale someone with a weak mind to believe the deniers.

    As for the camps not being extermination camps, tell that to the family and friends of my grandparents, as well as the MILLIONS of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals who were exterminated there.

    You are doubting wether it happened. We are still trying to find out what happened to our families who disappeared into thin air


    The problem about holocaust deniers is they never come up with naything new. You keep repeating the same rubbish over and over again, which are mainly lies

    As for your 4 measly points

    1) That is a half truth. Zyxlon B is used as both a delouser and was used as a method of extermination. It takes a lower concentration to kill humans and other warm blooded animals compared to insects and lice. This was found to be consistant with the concentration of Zyxlon residue found in the gas chambers, proving they were used to exterminate humans

    2) Showers. Hard to have a shower when the sowerheads aren't even connected to the water supply

    3) Actually we have Nazi photos of starving people taken BEFORE the ally bombings

    4) So where were they going to deport people to. Deportation camps don't have gas chambers and crematoria to burn victims bodies

    We have many Nazi documents showing how many the Nazis had killed. Thewy were very meticluos in keeping records of how many they had killed. Hitler himself was very careful not to sign them, however his deputies did.

    For instance

    Korherr Report.

    The main report, published in March of that year, summarized how many Jews remained in Germany, Austria and Europe; detailed the numbers of Jews detained in the concentration camps; how many Jews had died natural deaths since 1933; and how many Jews had been evacuated to the eastern territories

    The report calculated that, from 1937 to December 1942, the number of Jews in Europe had fallen by 4 million


    Höfle Telegram

    methodically recorded the ongoing reduction of the Jewish population, as in the Korherr Report, which gave the status of the Final Solution through December, 1942. Nazis themselves documented many of their crimes. The Höfle Telegram was sent by SS-Sturmbannführer Hermann Höfle on January 11, 1943 to SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann in Berlin and detailed the number of deaths of Jews in the concentration camps. In the year 1942 alone, the telegram lists 1,274,166 Jews were exterminated in the four camps of Aktion Reinhard

    We aslo have the tertimony and confession of the perpetrators

    Hearing about Holocaust denial compelled former SS-Rottenführer Oskar Gröning to publicly speak about what he witnessed at Auschwitz, and denounce Holocaust deniers, stating:

    I would like you to believe me. I saw the gas chambers. I saw the crematoria. I saw the open fires. I was on the ramp when the selections took place. I would like you to believe that these atrocities happened because I was there

    So come on. show us this website you keep talking about but won't even link to. Does it even exist

    And tell us your motive in posting this ridiculous rant in the first place

    Source(s): Jewish grandson of holocaust survivors
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    Calm down, you psycho. You can believe what you want to believe.

    If you give me enough proof and convince atleast 100000000 historians this same thing. I might believe you. But I do understand what your saying and I have to say. It's not that believable.

    But hey, We are people who have been taught "basic" indisputable things from an early age.

    What your saying is like " 1 +1 does not equal to 2"

    I'm sorry that's how most people will hear you.

    We have been taught by society to hate Hitler for what he did during World War II because apparently it’s a prerequisite for being a good person. Torturing and killing millions of people seems like a reprehensible thing to do since it makes people feel bad, but Hitler alone didn’t do it. Lots and lots of people chose to help him. That’s not my point though.

    My point is that the first reaction people have to things is generally emotional, and more often than not, they go directly from that to action. If they do any thinking at all, it goes last and often leads to regret. A small percentage of people are able to go from feeling to thinking before action, and this is a great thing to be able to do because it gives them the power to avoid regrets.

    I can justify anything I say with some background music. Some sugar on-top. But still, people won't believe me or agree with me.

    So, think about what your saying. People can't accept that. even If I can, the majority cannot.

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    Hitler kept great record and footage, of big dug holes and shooting the Jews one by one and their bodies falling in those dug holes, thats just one thing. it was real it did happen. travel to Israel and visit the holocaust museum. horrible yet a must see.

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    It is a recorded historical fact.

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    Nice rant. The holocaust happened. There is plenty of evidence.

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    No. Now stop being such an offensive d!ck.

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