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HF asked in TravelFranceOther - France · 9 years ago

nice place for holiday in the south of france?

needs to have cheap hostels, decent not so busy beaches, would be a group of 17 year olds? would be next summer for a few weeks (late may onwards) at least, french will be up to a decent standard too. cannes/marseilles look nice but perhaps are a bit too pricey accomidation wise?so opinions on those places/suggestions of other places would be good!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I agree with the previous answer but I just wanted to add, if you go from late June to late July you will be there during Soldes. During soldes most of the stores have huge sales in which their clothes/shoes/whatever go 50%-70% off! Great time to stock up on some chic european clothes!

    Source(s): lived there for 2 years
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  • 9 years ago

    I'd say Toulon, Fréjus, Sète or Menton. Menton is really close to Nice, but the thing is, there are mostly old people living here, and I'm not sure it'd be the best for a group of 17 year olds. Other than that it's beautiful & it shares a border with Italy, which is awesome. you should check out these websites to help you make a choice.

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