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How was dhanurdhara in Srirangam delivered?


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Dhanurdhara or somebody in Srirangam who was very much attached to a lady was delivered by Sri Ramanujacharya. What are the details.

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    Pillai urangavillidAsar

    Thirunakshatram Masi- Ayilyam

    The Supreme Beautiful Eyes

    Kavarndha kaNgaL

    In niSUlApuri (URaiyur) lived a couple named DhanurdAsa (PiLLai uRangAvilli dAsar) and ponnAcchiyAr. They belonged to malla cult and he was an excellent athlete and archer. His wife ponnAcchiyAr was so beautiful like a damsel, so that DAsar never left her and used to gaze at her moonlight beauty always. Once ponnAcchiyar wished to see the Chithra Festival of NamperumAL, so dAsar took her, walking by her side, held his coverlet over her head in great solicitude to screen her handsome face from the sun's rays. Sri RAmanuja was returning from his ablutions in Kaveri river surrounded by his disciples to join the procession of NamperumaL. As he was coming, he noticed this couple, wondering how love and affection towards a girl can make a man blind, shamelessly transforming this love and affection into a public proclamation. Sri RamAnujA approached dAsar and asked straightaway why he was doing like this. To this dAsar replied, " look at her beautiful eyes swami, I fell in love with those eyes, I have never seen such a beautiful ones ever". Swami answered "If I show you the beautiful eyes,what you will do?" to this dasar replied," I will be forever in your service ". Emperumanar caught hold of dasar's hands took him to Periyaperumal and requested Periyaperumal to show the full beauty of the eyes. To which

    dasar fell captivated life long. He became one of the prime disciples of Emperumanar.

    Emperumanar's affection towards dAsar was so great that we can find, Emperumanar used to lean on dAsarathi, before going for his bath. While after bathing he used to lean only on dAsar. This incident is inscribed on the suthram

    mlEchhanum bhakthanAnAl ……………………..

    The pAranthanthriyam of VillidASar

    This love of emperumanar towards dasar made many disciples envious. Hence they complained to emperumanar. One day dAsar was summoned to emperumanar and while he was talking to Emperumanar, swami instructed those complainers to go in the shadow of the night to dasar's home and steal the jewels- ponnachiyar was wearing and come back. The disciples agreed and they left for dasar's home,while dasar without knowing all these drama stayed back. When the disciples went to dasar's home they found ponnAchiyar asleep and they happily started their job. They stole all the ornaments which she was wearing on her one side. While doing this ponnachiar became awake, but she understood that they were srivaishnavas, and she well understood a srivaishnava will not do this unless otherwise they were in such a financial distress

    She thought whatever she owned was a srivaishnava's property. So in order to make the snatching of the jewels,which she wore on the other side of her body easy,she just turned around as if she was in sleep. Seeing this, thedisciples thought she was awake, and they took whatever they stole and ran away to emperumanar's mutt. Emperumanar seeing his disciples coming back, gave permission for dAsar to leave, and asked the disciples to follow dasar silently. Once when dasar reached home he found his wife missing some jewels and to this ponnAchiyar explained the incident. She told they ran away when she turned around. To this dasar remonstrated her in the face telling that, you understood Seshathva, but you did not understood the meaning of pArathanthrya. If you have laid as if you were a stone, they might have stolen rest of the jewels without any problem. Who told you to turn around and show that you are awake?The srivaishnavas were wonderstruck to this and they immediately fell at the feet of dasar, and returned the jewels and explained the drama in detail. It is recorded that dAsar's life was full of such incidents.

    Pillai urangavilli dAsar thiruvadigale saranam.


    I have to thank Respected Sri ram for extracting the clue from the questioner. And I was too happpy to narrate the Urangavili dasar vaibhavam. Thanks to Shri Sri Govinda for giving me the opportunity

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    Plz visit you can find more info on daily kainkaryams of Srirangam.

    @ Asker:- It was such a great answer from Sri Yamunaithuraivan Avl. Pranams to him.

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