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How do I tell my parents im depressed?

Im 13 and lately Ive been feeling really upset and lazy and i didn't know what was wrong with me so i took all the online depression tests and all off them said i was severely depressed, im always tired my appetite changes from starved to full without me eating anything, i have trouble getting to sleep, i feel worthless, ive started feeling like i hate everyone and everything and ive even started cutting myself, im really scared and i want to know if i really am depressed so i need to visit a Doctor or something but i really need to tell someone but all my friends are sick of me acting like this so ive decided that i need to tell my parents but i really don't know how, suggestions?

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    I know exactly what your going through cause I went through it around the same age as you, First you need to stop doing these online tests cause there all wrong and incorrect filling your head with thoughts and ideas.

    Second you need to go to your parents which will be very difficult and tell them how your feeling and you would like to go to the doctor who will help you find a professional who can help you with how your feeling and teach you some better coping skills.

    These things are difficult and this is the hardest part, because right now your doing it on your own and that's not okay everyone needs help and you can't do this by yourself. Your parents want whats best for you and I'm sure they will do everything they can to help me...

    If you ever want to talk feel free to message me :)

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    I had the same problem. However i got through it by telling myself that i was here for some reason. I'm 15 now and i'm at university. I liked going to university but that wasn't my dream and i got so stressed that i wanted everything to end... Then i thought if i can kill myself now i would waste my only life, so i said from now on i'm dead and from now on i don't care what people say of me i'm gonna do what i like because i'm dead and i have no shame. AS we speak i've written a book and sold 500 copies in my country(Peru). It's not much but i'm happy. I'm pretty sure you could do more.

    TEll them calmly and quietly and you will have support.

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    Just tell them straight out. Because depression can manifest its self into other mental problems. If you think you've got depression just tell them and tell them you want to go to a doctor.

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    Just tell them that your feeling depressed !And need to see a doctor

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    Sit them down, look them in the eye and tell them everything you have been feeling and doing.

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    problems from diabetes? Avoid sweet food, soda and fruit juice.

    get tested

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    you say "i'm depressed" or indirectly and surreptitiously point them to this question, I find being direct is the easiest solution, though of course not all the time.

  • write a letter, put it on the fridge, or on/ under their pillow. or you could do what i did, write how you feel in your journal, and leave it open to that page, and leave it on your bed, I did this and my mom found it and she and my dad and i were able to lay somethings out on the table so to speak.

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    You, dad, I'm depressed

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    same age as you right now ad exactllyy the same problem! x

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