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between new zealand or Australia?

Hi i was thinking about moving to new zealand or australia and i was wondering which is the best place to live and what should do first before i go to one of those how would i be able to get a job and a place to live in both of those countries

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    Australia has by far the larger and stronger economy of the two countries and every year, many thousands of New Zealanders come here to take advantage of the greater work opportunities in Australia (we have unrestricted movement of citizens between the two countries) but New Zealand is a lovely place and the cost of living is somewhat lower there.

    You'll probably be able to come to Australia and New Zealand on separate 12 month working holiday visas, but you won't be able to stay any longer than that in either country as both have strict immigration regulations that require you to have skills that are in demand in that country for you to have any chance of being able to stay on a longer term basis. You can't just move there because you think it would be a good idea and want to get out of your own country.

    Info about Australian immigration requirements and their Work and Holiday visa: Work and Holiday visa Other Australian work visas

    Info about New Zealand immigration requirements and their working holiday scheme: Working holiday Other New Zealand work visas

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    There are pretty strict criteria for living and working in both countries, so don't think you can just move to them. Look at the immigration requirements before doing anything.

    Living in both countries, well unless you like a lot of travel that probably not going to happen.

    Best wages are in Australia and more job oppurtunities, but New Zealand has more relaxed lifestyle and people (In NZ we consider Australians to be quite arrogant, not bad when you want things done but it can wear thin at times).

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  • 3 years ago

    NZ replaced into the 1st united states of america to circulate nuclear unfastened. interior the 70s , we advised u.s. to no longer come interior of two hundred klm in thier ships if nuclear in a position--the international laughed at us then yet rather quickly, ALL observed our lead. we are the youngest united states of america in the international,and between the smallest. Auatralia is 20 circumstances larger.Ergo, 20 circumstances the extra effective/worse, relies upon on the style you go with to make certain it. Aust/NZ = ANZAC and for that , voters of the two countries can sleep easy understanding we can be at each others facet no rely what. we are the only 2 countries interior the international with a reciprocal enrty and go out scheme wherein human beings can come and circulate with out go border regulations to employment and residing preparations. Australasia, Southern Hemisphere for that rely is the main secure and greenest part of the planet in step with Democracy and Freedom because it particularly is base for every physique to co-exist. Come on down, its super!!!!

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    Well Australia is certainly better.

    I'll let the others answer on how to find a job + accomodation.

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