Which modern, trendy names do you HATE?

Does the name "Bintleigh" make you cringe?

Are most of y'all like, 14?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I hate most of the modern/trendy names, so I'll put them into categories.

    - Bentley or other car names - Mercedes, Cadillac lol. The only name I can tolerate is Sienna.

    - Neveah (it's heaven backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111)

    - Masculine boys names on girls (Ryan, Noah, Mason..)

    - Names with random y's to replace vowels (Graycyn, Kendyl, etc..)

    - Names that sound completely made up. (Trezdon, Braedon)

    - Names that sound like an illness or medicine. (Audi, Addylynn, Ritalyn)

    - Classic names with a 'modern' spelling. (Eelihzuhbehth)

    - Misspellings in general. Elisabeth is fine, Elizuhbyth is not.

    - When people take 'names' and slap a '-lyn' at the end. (I saw a "Finnlyn" question last night..)

    I guess I'm picky and old fashioned.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Zachariah Azariah Zacchaeus Nehemiah Emmanuel Jeremiah Malachi Uriah Silas Ezekiel Reese Nathaniel Thomas Michael Phillip Matthias Immanuel Demetrius Jeriah Elijah Lazarus

  • Cofer1
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    9 years ago

    Drives me bonkers. Tynleigh? Reminds me of a tin can with a leak. I love the name Shiloh but it's actually not "trendy", it's biblical! And I can't stand it abused by being spelled Shyloghe and stuff. I'm all for a unique name, but why does unique now mean spelling everything with a "y" instead of an "I" and making the "e" into " eigh"? I do excuse Irish names from the whole weird spelling thing, but that's because they are SUPPOSED to be spelled that way.

    I'm the momma of a Caleb Thomas, Leah Rose, and Tyler Nicholas. Classic (well not really Tyler but it's not weird and I didn't spell it Tiyhlegher), strong, and timeless names. I know that my babies will never hate me for them.

  • 9 years ago

    I completely agree with Sienna! Auralee/Aurelie sounds just like orally. Why on earth doesn't anyone else see it?

    But yes, Bintleigh makes me cringe. It sounds like a Kiwi saying Bentley, but with a trashy -leigh ending. And I HATE Bentley.

    I also hate McK- names. How trashy! Mackenzie is tolerable, but I'm not a huge fan. I can't even understand anymore why I like it as a middle. McKenna is the worst. But what's even worse is when they replace the E's with Y's! WTF? E makes an E sound. Y makes a Y sound. They are not the same! Y is more like I! If someone's name was McKynzie, their name would be muh-KIN-zee, not muh-KEN-zee! Grrr!

    And I'm 18.

    Hehe my name is Caitlyn. I'm trying to imagine myself being a waitress in a desert somewhere, and I can't say I'd be very good :P The tractor-lookalike bit is a bit of a conundrum though!


    Please answer mine about my GP names?


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A name that I do not like is Bentley. My son's friend is called this and I just hate it. That is a trendy name, as it's made up. Lots of names are made up now. I don't like Brynnlyn for a girl. Bintleigh is disgusting. I'm a 37 year old father.

    Source(s): I'm a cool dude, proud dad to Austin and Jayden. (9 & 7)
  • 9 years ago

    That name gives me the runs!

    Just look up the baby name section and you'll find names screaming tiroir-baise origin. I never understand why people always look for unique baby names and create utter rubbish.

    I'm not 14 but rather 40, and I go for the old traditional names. And if people would think a bit they would notice that their "unique" names never make the society they so badly want for their children by giving them silly names.

    EDIT: I must back by ♯ Қαяміиα. And I think the worst name I have heard is Annina. I know somebody who's named their baby girl Annina. How horrible! That sounds like two certain body openings at once.

    And Caitlyn (Caitlin). That name makes me think of a tractor-lookalike of a waitress.

  • ceridd
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    9 years ago




    Addison (as in Addison's Disease)

    Braxton (love those braxton-hicks contractions)

    Almost any invented name ending in "lyn"....Braelyn, Reighlyn, Annlynn, Ashlyn, Lililynn, Mailynn

    Hadley, Bradley, Haley, and all spellings

    Shayleigh, Rahleigh, Ainsleigh, Shanelee

    These are just a few.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Stupid spellings in order to look "unique"

    Made up names that mean nothing, no one can pronounce or spell

    Surnames given as first names (Hunter, Mitchell etc)

    Masculine names on girls

    When people put apostrophes in their children's names (Di'mante for example- horrendous).

    And, not I'm not 14. I'm 30, with two children who have traditional, appropriate and classic names.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    - I hate those made-up-sounding names that end in -lyn: Ashlyn, Jaclyn, Jaslyn, Jeslyn, Whateverlyn (you get my point... ugh)

    - I don't like -ayden names in general: Hayden, Jayden, Brayden, Kayden

    - I'm not a fan when people use masculine names on girls, even if these masculine names are "traditional": Ryan, Taylor, Parker (all on girls)--I mean, why would you use them on girls? They sound like freakin' surnames

    - I hate those names that are real English words, especially the nature-related ones: Rain(e) and Sky(e) for girls, Chase for boys, you get my drift

    - I don't like place names: Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Asia, India, Dallas, etc.

    - I don't like it when -leigh is used to replace -lee or -ley: Ashleigh, Hayleigh

    And don't even get me started on the ridiculous spellings people give their kids, such as "Elisuhbuth" or whatever in place of "Elizabeth". It doesn't make you unique, just makes you look incredibly dumb, or like you're trying too hard.

    I'm 18, BTW.

  • 9 years ago

    Mc names like Mckenzie, Mckenna, Mckinley, Mckayla

    Naming girls manly names Carsyn, Devyn, Masyn because somehow the Y in it makes it cute and feminine?

    Analee/Analeigh (it has ANAL in it!)





















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