How does a blithering idiot like Boris Johnson get to be Major of London?

Public school connections ?

Yes it's funny - but also disturbing

When I watched George W Bush the same questions came to mind - out of a population of millions, how does a certifiable cretin get elevated to such a position by people who should know better ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Lies, influence, money, schooling, daddy, money, influence.

    Politics is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The so called blithering idiot, was voted in.

    What is really upsetting people like you, is that unlike B.Liar Boris is actually doing a half reasonble job.

    Which when compared to Ken Livingstone (Hypocrite of the first water) is fairly easy anyway.

    What has going to Public School (for US people read high end Private School) to do with the price of fish, people voted him in, and London has benefitted.

    The dishevelled Boris is a very astute operator, who has kept a lid on spending.

    Something the majority are thankful for.

  • 4 years ago

    Boris being mad is all an act. Did you recognize that the american Embassy owes London £50 million in parking and congestion value fines? i think that Boris replaced into attempting to make a component whilst he informed Obama to pay his penalty advantageous of £one hundred twenty (had he paid on the day, it could basically have been £10). £50 million is a stunning form of money.

  • 9 years ago

    Because "real" Londoners didn't vote for him.

    The whole of Greater London gets to vote for the mayor and this includes places like Bromley (which doesn't even have a London postcode) where it is populated by Tories who will vote for anyone Tory and don't really have much to do with central London at all.

    I wanted Ken and will vote for Ken again if he runs next time. At least Ken made all buses pushchair and wheelchair accessible and introduced the Oyster card - Boris just is obsessed with cycling - not much use to people with little children really.

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  • 9 years ago

    Whilst Boris likes to portray himself as a buffoon he's actually extremely intelligent. You are aware that he was on a scholarship to Eton and was also on a scholarship to The University of Oxford - you need to be extremely intelligent to get one of those, to get both is extremely rare.

    He's a lot better than that cretin Ken Livingstone who can't see why calling someone who just revealed he's Jewish "a concentration camp guard" could be seen as offensive. Ken likes to portray himself as intelligent but in reality he is a buffoon.

    Since he became Mayor, Boris has managed to offend - nobody. In his second term, Ken managed to offend an awful lot of people in the outer suburbs in London (it was no surprise he lost).

    Boris has negotiated with National Rail so that Oyster pay-as-you-cards can be used on National Rail services within London saving people a lot of money in the process. He's scrapped a lot of money-wasting projects and consequently the London Assembly part of Council Tax hasn't increased for three years.

    Source(s): Live and work in London
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He did it because most of the 2.5 million voters chose him over the other candidates. It's called democracy. They can't ALL be blithering idiots. Public school connections may have got him the party nomination but they could not have managed to influence the votes. Remember that the Labour Party's preferred man Frank Dobson was rejected by the electorate so that shows that the public are able to think for themselves.

    If you think that you can do better then you are entitled to stand for election next time. That's what democracy is all about. In this country we don't need to be millionaires to stand. You need charisma, a policy that the people want to support, and the stamina to see it through.

  • 9 years ago

    Unfortunately for those who think he is a shifty scheming git, he is also an extremely clever and intelligent scheming git. This for some reason upsets many of his critics more than the long list of things on which his views are wrong, and the unwary try to deny it.

    The carefully cultivated 'silly Boris' act is a thin layer painted on to the much firmer layer of over-sexed chancer, and underneath that is a rock solid layer of assay grade personal ambition.

    The best way to bear him is to say to yourself 'well, he may be a pushy politician who is too clever by half, but at least he is OUR pushy politician who is too clever by half. Which he is. He is quite capable of stabbing his party in the back if it helps him build up his support in London, on any issue.

    It was undoubtedly the example of Ken Livingstone which drew his attention to the previously untapped potential of a personal political kingdom in London.

  • 9 years ago

    Just because he is less blithering and less idiotic than the rest

    He cares for London and cuts through the bureaucracy. His bikes are just one of his improvements

  • 9 years ago

    The US government was never run by George W Bush. He was just the f**kwit who made the public appearances. As for Bellend Boris, who knows? He's probably a mason.

  • 9 years ago

    and of course promotiuon by the gutter press. Johnson has spent 4 years doing absolutely nothing.

  • Zapata
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    9 years ago

    He's a Tory.

    Buffoonery and aristocratic in-breeding come as part of the package.

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