How do I keep ticks off me?

I used to live in Colorado and due to a car accident I'm now living in South Carolina for estimated 6months to a year, and in Colorado I hiked all over the state with my dogs and never had any problems with ticks or any other bugs for that matter and never worried about insect repellents or anything like that. I've been in SC for about 4 days now and while walking I've flicked at least a couple ticks off my pant legs each day then tonight I also had to remove four that had bitten me.

How do I keep the ticks off altogether? Any products(short of dousing myself with RAID) or any other recommendations? they kind of disgust me and I know they can carry all sorts of diseases

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ticks come and go with the season and the year. Some years are worse than others. I hadn't had a tick on me in close to 20 years but went for a hike in Wisconsin and found four and everyone had at least one.

    Repellents with deet and clothes are your best defenses.

    I prefer 3M's Ultrathon over OFF. Same effect but it lasts longer and has less deet stink.

    I have always wondered if a dog/cat tick collar on each ankle would be useful.

    If you can stand hiking in long pants, wear them tucked into the socks and tuck your shirt into the pants. Ticks like to climb upwards and this layers the clothes so that they are on top of another piece of clothing as they climb instead of going between the overlapping layers.

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    To keep the ticks off altogether? Get the heck out of South Carolina.

    Why do you think North Carolina doesn't want anything to do with them?

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  • OFF helps. My biggest advice though is, check yourself for ticks after you take walks. They tend to like your ankles, belt area, and hair. Also, put your clothes in the freezer, because they can still be on your clothes.

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    Sorry, I dont know.

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