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Is 50mg of zoloft enough, experience, etc?

so I just yesterday started 25mg doses and will soon e going up to 50mg of sertraline (zoloft) for my anxiety disorder that led to me developing anorexia. I've been researching it and am absolutely terrified at the amount of people claiming insane weight gain. suffering from an ED this only heightens my anxiety and makes me feel worse. do you think that at such a small dosage I should be concerned of experiencing these side effects or is the dose not high enough? and has anybody else experienced?

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    I'm on 50mg and it's fine. I've not had any weight can and only had a bit of nausea to start with. Your doctor can always increase your dose if he or she feels it's necessary.

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    Not everyone experiences weight gain, as far as antidepressants go it's quite a rare side effect. I actually lost 3 stone whilst taking it. The drug doesn't actually cause the weight gain in people its that in some it increases their appetite and then they gain weight from eating more. I know people on clozapine which typically causes alot of weight gain but it depends on what they eat, so even if the sertraline does increase your appetite just eat healthily and you'll be fine.

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    Zoloft replaced right into a drain to me and that i had part effects my docs skipped over. people in my existence takeing Zoloft on the different hand... that's meant to spike in the beginning then settle in. yet this one individual has to tweak it to a suitable ammount or they're in simple terms rageing offended or too hyper to function. They made a Zoloft song and leap around on it. yet then while it gets decrease they initiate towering over people ranting like a Drill Sargent. So neither 50 nor a hundred may well be suitable for you.

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    i was on 50mg of zoloft and i lost ALOT of weight. im already small to begin with so i was concerned when i started losing so much weight. i had nausea and loss of appetite. i quit taking it and i feel better and im actually eating/gaining weight back.

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    200mg works for me best.

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