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If Triple H didn't Marry Stephanie McMahon, where do you think he'd be now?

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    Well, prior to the marriage he was a five time World Champion, multiple time IC Champion, Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring, Royal Rumble winner, and so much other accolades. Triple H was already one of the biggest names in the WWE even before Stephanie McMahon. People just find that as an excuse to hate him when he actually accomplished a lot during his past without Stephanie. This is the part I respect the most as well as his hard work and accolades without Stephanie McMahon.

    Triple H was an amazing superstar before he even married Stephanie McMahon. I mean this guy had everything you could want, championships, talent, mic skill, wrestling ability, charisma, in-ring psychology, etc, everything. Triple H was a great wrestler a long time ago because he actually tried in the ring and ever since he married Stephanie he's been getting lazier in the ring and he thinks he can get away with everything because he knows he's secure. He had the fan base in the palm of his hand, a top heel of the attitude era and one of the biggest faces when he turned face.

    I don't see what he really gained in his career except a ton of championships and championship opportunities. He got his major accomplishments before he met Stephanie. Besides, championships don't really mean much in the WWE nowadays with people losing the title everywhere. I still respect him for his past accomplishments without Stephanie and I'll continue to respect that. Some of the other wrestling fans wouldn't mind his marriage with Stephanie if he just started trying in the ring again and to me that's the biggest factor showing effort in the ring.

    Things have been going downhill for Triple H in terms of respect and popularity from fans. Some factors I can't blame people for disliking him but some other reasons sound ridiculous like some people say Triple H sucks in everything just because of his marriage. If he just started showing his wrestling ability in the ring he would gain a lot more respect from the fans. I will always respect Triple H for what he did in the past and his passion for the WWE.

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    He still be in WWE. You see, without Stephanie McMahon, he's still a high profile wrestler and still with the WWE. Why? Because he make his big name in WWE when he formed D-Generation X with another high profile wrestler, The "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels and some other member too. So, Shawn Michaels retired just last year, and everybody know that Triple H and Shawn Michaels was very close to each other. So, that's make Triple H stay in WWE until now. Speaking of now, you see Triple H now, he becoming low profile wrestler since he feud with The Undertaker this year at WrestleMania 27 and also Shawn Michaels became WWE Hall of Famer. So... its also the reason he with the WWE company. Plus, Triple H WWE fans is all around the world. If he leave the WWE company, Triple H fans must be disappointed and sad. So... again, my answer is Triple H still with the WWE company.

    Source(s): I don't know where Triple H now. But I hope he just okay with his life with Stephanie and his children too.
  • Triple H married on October 25th, 2003, so I still think he would've been successful and probably still have been in good terms with the company because right beforethan he was he was a 7 time World Champion and billed as one of the company's top Main Eventers. Also considering the fact Evolution was running back than I think things would have been a little different but Triple H would still be recognized today as a future Hall Of Famer due to the impact and accomplishments he's made in the company. So I think he would be close with the company despite not marrying Stephanie.

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    Wwe Hhh And Stephanie Mcmahon

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    I don't think Triple H's "success" backstage is due to his marrying Stephanie McMahon. Did it help? Yeah, but he was in good with Vince long before he married the "billion dollar princess." H was a part of the clique and Vince loved the clique. Vince listened to the clique more than the other guys on the roster, so Triple H's having influence on Vince happened before marrying Stephanie.

    Quibbles aside, if he hadn't married Stephanie, his road to being in the main event backstage would have been different, but I think it still would have happened because of seeds he planted while being in the clique.

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    I think he would have remained in wwe but at best the'd be a former 12 time IC champion and not World Champion. Ok maybe one or two title reigns after all he is talented. But he is not half as good as wwe wants to portrait him. Seriously, would you vote for HHH as the greatest wrestler ever...don't think so. Shawn Michaels is another example of what can happen to your career when your constantly kissing Vince's butt. Don't get me wrong, both guys are very talented specially HBK, but the fact is They have had much more success than what they were entitled to.

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    He would have a beer gut like Scott Hall and bitter towards the McMahon's! just joking. Triple H was always a hard worker, even in WCW if you can remember. He would still find his way in the office somehow, just not as high of a position.

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    He would have been a lot of better in my opinion. This might seem strange, but do you want to know why????

    Because Triple H's a very good wrestler. He has proven that time and time again. Look, how many classic matches he has had with other greats like The Undertaker, Mick Foley, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. He can even carry Batista and Randy Orton to a great match.

    Triple H had a very successful career in WWE. He's a 13 time World Heavyweight Champion, multiple time Tag Team, and Intercontinental Champion, Royal Rumble 2002 Winner, second Grand Slam Champion, etc. He's The King Of Kings and has defeated his peer Legends such as The Undertaker, Mick Foley, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels.

    The only lowpoint of his career is his HATERS. Because of his marriage to Stephanie McMahon, his haters have the opportunity to look for excuses to tarnish his Legendary Status. His haters can just deny his greatness and say the reason he's so successful in his career is because of his marriage.

    If Triple H didn't marry Stephanie, his HATERS would have never got that opportunity and still be as successful in his career. In fact, you can see before his marriage, he already became a Grand Slam Champion and five time World Heavyweight Champion. He really earned that, because he has worked hard to earn those. He worked from bottom when he was just a jobber and get suspended, and later changed his attitude, and eventually climbing to top of the mountain with his impressive wrestling skill and charisma. Remember, when Triple H was in DX stable, how charismatic he was. He did a lot of impressive things : impersonating Nation Of Domination, invading WCW, etc.

    So, Triple H will be still be as successful in his career with as much accomplishments he had now and Fans won't be able to look for excuses to tarnish his greatness if he never married Stephanie McMahon.

    @Only One Showstoppa : How in the blue hell you say after Triple H married Stephanie, he got lazier??? Triple H still worked as hard. When Stone Cold and The Rock left WWE in 2003 (after Triple H's marriage), Triple H single handedly carried Raw on his shoulder. The reason why he became the Face of Raw and hogged the spotlight at that time is because no one is credible enough to be Face of Raw. As you can see in 2005, when John Cena came to Raw, Triple H is no longer the Face Of Raw.

    And during those times in 2003-2005, Triple H has also had a lot of great matches with Kane, Ric Flair, Batista, etc. After that, when he was no longer Face of WWE, he still put on great matches. He also put over John Cena at WM 22, Randy Orton at WM 24, and Sheamus at Extreme Rules 2010. He also had classic matches : DX vs McMahons & Big Show Hell In A Cell 2006, vs Randy Orton Last Man Standing No Mercy 2007, vs Jeff Hardy all the time in 2008, and of course vs The Undertaker at WM 27.

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    I think he would still be in WWE but not as big as he is today, I dont think he would of had all those feuds with Vince and I don't think Vince would of made him really big I think he did because he married his daughter I think people would still know him but not really well known like he is today. So if Triple H never married Stephanie I say he would still be in WWE but not as big that's how I would see it.

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    He'd probably be upper mid-card. At most around the level of Kane, if not retired or at TNA.

    Also, there'd be a huge difference in the WWE landscape. A number of people he buried might be higher up the food chain because HHH tended to make himself look good at the expense of others. Booker T, Orton amd Legacy, Jericho, and Koslov specifically comes to mind, and I know there are many others. It's a minor miracle that Orton managed to bounce back, And Seamus only made it as far and as fast as he did because he used to carry HHH's bags.

    I would estimate 99% of his success since the Attitude Era came from pure nepotism. Now that he's backstage, it's a mystery who he's quietly burying now.

    You know, it just occurred to me that when the WWE was pushing SD vs RAW a few years ago, it specifically stated that advertising "Refrain from showing Triple H in a losing/defeated/defenceless position." This rule did not apply to anyone else, per the link. So, we can also say that if HHH had not married Steph, even a number of electronic wrestlers would have done better!

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