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How do I stop hallucinations?

There are dragons flying around the ceiling and voices coming out of the speakers. Frankly, it's distracting.

I'm taking 6mg risperidone and 50mg sertraline. I should not be experiencing this. I don't want to call my doctor because he'll just change the meds and I have had enough of them.

Are there any ways to make them leave/shut up without meds?

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    I had them, just realize that they are hallucinations because somewhere in you're mind you don't think they actually are you have a feeling of paranoia usually when you do have them.

    Another think is to talk to a lover or a friend about them,i could never get the hallucinations to leave me alone with any therapist or doctor it just made me uncomfortable,waste my money and really hate doctors more.

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    There are few treatments for many types of hallucinations. However, for those hallucinations caused by mental disease, a psychologist or psychiatrist should be alerted, and treatment will be based on the observations of those doctors. Antipsychotic and atypical antipsychotic medication may also be utilized to treat the illness if the symptoms are severe and cause significant distress. For other causes of hallucinations there is no factual evidence to support any one treatment is scientifically tested and proven. However, abstaining from hallucinogenic drugs, managing stress levels, living healthily, and getting plenty of sleep can help reduce the prevalence of hallucinations. In all cases of hallucinations, medical attention should be sought out and informed of one's specific symptoms.

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    For myself, it did take a medication change. Abilify reduced the extra sounds by 98%.

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    Simple close your eyes and play loud music

    Your doctor will have to tone down the dosage

    Grab your shield / sword and slay them ! .... jk

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    embraces them u may be the only person in the hole world who can see dragons!!!!! and then go see ur doctor :D good luck :)

  • 9 years ago

    Yes. You pour salt all over your floor and say dragons voices , go away , don't come back for 999 days

  • 9 years ago


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