British Army in Iraq & Afghan?

It has come to my attention that us Brits have taken a real good kickin in both Afghanistan & Iraq. With such a good reputation as one of the best fighting machines in the world I feel we are now tarnished as a poor military.

Not only have we not been supplied with the right kit but we have been severly outnumbered usually 150-1 from the get go. Do you thing our government have failed as a whole?

I mean sending just over 1000 troops to a taliban stronghold half the size of england is a poor showing from our miltary and government.

No wonder the yanks have moved us out of sangin, now zad and musa quala. We got our *** kicked and the lads who've been there and done it know this. Pinned down 90% of the time!

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  • 9 years ago
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    you don't have a clue what your talking about, you've watched to much TV, I was there when the American took over musa qala, and 150-1, where the hell did you get those numbers from, it was safe as f**k when we handed over, and pinned down 90% of the time, i could have quiet happily patrolled round in shorts an T-shirt, there was no taliban activity going on, a few contacts 600m plus away, but nothing to bad, the kit we've got has only gotten better over time, can you tell me what exactly is wrong with the kit??, in the past few years, we've had, new body armour, new helmets, new camouflage, more vehicles and helicopters, so i don't think you know what your talking about!

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  • 9 years ago

    I personally think the government should really care more for their troops fighting in afghan and iraq, it really dosent seem the government give a toss

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  • 4 years ago

    they are teaming as much as attempt to get rid of terrorists from the rustic. the reason Afghans are doing it with us, is so as that they are able to learn our way of doing it (no longer that this is been effectual so some distance) and with a bit of luck shop it below administration as quickly as we circulate away them to it (which we can sooner or later, because it particularly is their usa to rule, no longer ours) No, Taliban & Al Queda are 2 distinctive terrorist communities, yet are merely as evil as one yet another (and Muslims reading this that disagree with me and help those terrorist communities can kiss my ***, or extra insulting to you could lick the soles of my shoes) Taliban have been the aggressive and corrupt team that rules Afghanistan earlier we booted tham out in 2001. Now Afghanistan has a suited government and the Taliban have been left to stay in caves and cover among supporters in villages and so on, it particularly is why they are actually a terrorist team, extremely of the ruling occasion. with a bit of luck, ALL terorists would be killed sooner or later. they are all evil, psychopathic scum. Edit: Wayne's answer has one very vast blunders: He cliams that the Taliban are actually not the cuase of terrorism. if so, how come ninety 9.ninety 9% of all roadside bombs killing British & American infantrymen in Afghanistan are planted by utilising the Taliban & no longer Al Queda? by way of fact the Taliban are lots extra energetic in terrorism than Al Queda are. in my view, Taliban are extra of a hazard than Al Queda.

  • 9 years ago

    how about pulling out then going back in 6 months for another mass invasion to catch all the taliban who came back!

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