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Is it normal for a female dog to become aggressive after being spayed?

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I have just had my 6 month old female husky spayed and she has suddenly gone from being sweet and quite submissive to a bit of a hot-head. It's been almost 2 weeks since her ...show more
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Well, it depends. According to various sources and my own observation, some female dogs become more aggressive, but some become less aggressive.
I guess you could call this normal.

There are four types of dog aggression:
Dominant-Aggression- This type of behavior is evident when your dog’s status within the pack (your household) or the community (other dogs and/or people) is threatened.
Fear Aggression: This type of behavior is evident when your dog become frightened and believes that his physical safety is at risk.

Protection Aggression- This type of behavior is evident when your dog believes that he must protect something or someone. This type of aggressive behavior may also be manifested as Territorial or Possession Aggression, when your dog displays aggressive behavior to prevent danger to someone or something that he controls or owns. Similar in nature, they vary primarily by the factual setting where they are occur.

Redirection Aggression- remember Giuseppe the neighbor who wanted to say hi in our first example? Well, suppose that another neighbor comes over and is unfriendly toward your dog. He might throw a rock at him. Your dog gets riled up, his anger starts to boil. The rock throwing neighbor hops the fence and leaves. Guess what might happen? Yup, Giuseppe might be on the receiving end of growling or in the worse case scenario, a bite.

And a website says that dog aggression can be SOLVED by spaying...

Spay/ Neuter- Dog Aggression is less evident in female dogs that have been spayed and male dogs that have been neutered. If you are making an appointment at the vet for a checkup, this might be a good time to get this safe and beneficial procedure performed.

but a website also says spaying makes female dogs MORE aggressive because the estrogen, which mediates the testosterone put out by the adrenal glands is absent.

so, it depends.

~hope you find my answer useful! if you do, vote it as the best answer! thanks in advance~


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  • Matti answered 4 years ago
    No. I have had multiple dog households for over 30 years. Many spayed/neutered dogs. Never had a temperament change.

    Sounds to me like this is a training problem. Serious one. Your female is maturing & now is showing her true temperament.

    If this kind of situation is giving you panic attacks then I suggest checking into a GOOD trainer NOW. I don't believe you can handle this by yourself.

    When she bit you that was re-directed aggression which WILL intensify. She is also resource guarding which is another serious problem.

    In the meantime if you can keep them separated, do it.
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  • glitter answered 4 years ago
    I'm not sure if its the op, the age or what - my female became a bit iffy with other female dogs after being spayed, but we are a one - dog household, so... I suggest a dog trainer!
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  • ? answered 4 weeks ago
    Learning how to train your dog will improve your life and hers, enhance the bond between you, and ensure her safety and it can be a lot of fun. Dogs are usually eager to learn, and the key to success is good communication. Your dog needs to understand how you’d like her to behave and why it’s in her best interest to comply with your wishes. Check here to learn how to train your dog properly https://tr.im/fba88
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  • Hannah,B answered 4 years ago
    Yeh it is actually quite normal but she has lost a certain something and she's like what:/
    just for a couple of days, literally as couple of days just seperate them into differenct rooms and then everything should be fine its just because she feels vunerable but if shes on her own for around 3-4 days she should calm down anbd warm right up to him again:') xx hope this helps


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  • Is it normal for a female dog to become aggressive after being spayed?
    I have just had my 6 month old female husky spayed and she has suddenly gone from being sweet and quite submissive to a bit of a hot-head. It's been almost 2 weeks since her operation and she isn't fully healed (although she is acting like it by running around all the time!), so I understand she may be feeling vulnerable. She never directs this anger toward me or my boyfriend, however has begun directing it at her brother (he has also been fixed so it's not down to him trying to have sex with her or anything). They had a fight today over absolutely nothing and I tried as hard as I could to separate them but she just kept launching at him every time I got her away. She eventually got mad with me trying to intervene and as she was trying to get at him, she bit my leg and it is now a bit bruised and swollen (before anyone says anything, I realise this was my own fault but it was getting out of hand. I had no choice!). Is it normal for them to behave like this when they have had this kind of operation? This really scared me and I had a bit of a panic attack afterwards because it has never took me so long to get them apart before. They usually stop as soon as I tell them to but this time they ignored me and just carried on. She has done this about 4 times since her operation, and every single time I have seen no clear reason for it (i.e. fighting for possession of food, toys etc). She just starts the fight and even when he is willing to back off, she won't stop and doesn't care if we are in the way.
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