Good truth or dare questions for two teenage girls?

as many as possible. I'm also having trouble with sexual feelings for girls, so if any of them help then please do :)

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    + Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why

    + Have you ever cheated on your bf (past or present), or would you ever cheat?

    + Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear?

    + How many of the guys here have you kissed?

    + if you had hours to live, what would you do to your crush, who would you make out with, who would you have sex with, and would you have sex with more the people?

    + If you were invisible what is the first thing you would do?

    + If you were the opposite sex for one hour, what would you do?

    + Describe your worst date

    + Describe yourself in five words

    + Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you were interested in and what happened?


    + Demonstrate your favorite sexual

    + Go out into a public area scratching their crotch and saying, "Damn these crabs really itch!"

    + Go commando for the rest of the game

    + Ask a guy at the bar if you can have his underwear.

    + Seduce the person without touching

    + Blindfold the person and make them kiss three things. Do not tell them what they are.

    + make a toilet paper dress but be naked underneath the Toilet paper

    + unbutton the pants of the opposite sex with your teeth

    + 7 minutes in Heaven

    + Make them a suicide sandwich. Pickles-Grape Jelly-Bean Dip-Marshmallows-Mustard Get creative

    + Go next door to a woman's house and ask for her bra.

    Hope that helps there are many other ideas which can help you, checkout my source for that.

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    indexed right here are some good certainty question which you would be able to attempt. > have you ever gotten a brother or sister in hardship for some thing you probably did? > have you ever executed some thing unlawful? > in case you may desire to be an opposite intercourse for the day, might you and why? > what's the main embarrassing ingredient that ever took place to you on the mall? > what's the wackiest ingredient which you have executed and then have been given caught via your mothers and fathers? > what's the longest you have ever long gone without getting showered? > What shade underclothes are you donning? > whilst became the final time u moist the mattress? > what's the main unearthly ingredient you have ever eaten? those could be some good dares to accomplish > eat toddler foodstuff the completed jar > Frozen T-shirt contest. The day in the previous the party, get T-shirts moist and placed them interior the freezer. on the party, whoever can get the shirt on first is the winner. > placed an ice cube down ur pants till it melts > Do the rooster dance mutually as singing "oops i did it returned" > enable the different woman grant you with a bad makeover > eat a garlic, onion, or jalapeño, yet once you have a blender make a juice out of one of them, or all of them. > prank call a instructor or another larger status person > bypass to the neighbor's abode and consult with him or her for 5 minutes. > continually talk for 3 minutes without combating. > carry out a little loopy Hair-type, and save it till the game is over. wish this help, in case you desire greater ideas in simple terms check out my source

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    Etc. .

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    9 years ago

    truth or dare......dare ......i dare you to kiss me

    truth or dare.......truth........would you kiss me if i asked

    try that

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