If I'm mainly attracted to transgendered women / crossdressers, what does that make me?

My gay friends tell me that I'm not really gay because the guys I'm attracted to look like girls, but I don't consider myself straight because I could not picture myself being with a real girl. I don't have any personal problems with myself, I just want to know how to identify my orientation.

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    9 years ago
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    transgendered women really Are women. if you liked only women including transgendered women, you'd just be straight. they're really not in a separate category.

    if you're attracted to pre-op transsexuals, they wouldn't exactly be impressed with you finding that part of them attractive when they want to get rid of it.

    but, if you're just attracted to people with upper female and lower male anatomy, you may be attracted to genderqueer people who actually may prefer to have mixed gender-specific anatomy. they can be of any different gender identity, including gender identities that aren't exclusively male or female. if you also like feminine guys plus those who aren't entirely mentally female or male, you may be polysexual, which means to like multiple, but not All gender identities, and not just men and women.

  • 4 years ago

    For starters, how are you using the term "transgendered"? It has several meanings. 1. it's an all-encompassing term referring to everyone from crossdressers to transexuals. 2. somone who is or wishes to be a member of the opposite sex I'm a bisexual m2f crosdresser and I have guys hit on me. I've been trying to figure this out. For some guys, it's a fetish, having sexual relations with a transgendered person. I'd say they were bisexual. Relations with a TG person isn't quite like doing it with a guy in their minds. They want to have what is homsexual sex but somehow, is one person "appears" female", it's not the same to them. One theory I have is that they are transgendered themselves but can't or won't assume the role or appearance of the opposite sex. Interestingly, I have met a couple women who were turned on by TG's.

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like you're drawn to the androgyny -- you like a little bit of both "masculine" and "feminine." I use quotations because I don't find the extremes (football types or girly-girls) especially attractive myself - I like an all-round human being.

    Sounds like your gay friends have too much time on their hands. If they don't want hets telling them what they should feel, they should do you the courtesy of respecting your feelings.

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    9 years ago

    Well if they are fully transitioned and have no 'man parts' then they are real women. If they have 'man parts' then they are not fully women.

    It depends on the relationship you are in then but if you are attracted to the women and how they look you are most likely straight but you can call yourself whatever you want, even no label if you prefer it! :)

    Source(s): My thoughts. :) ~Email me if you want a more in-depth answer with more details.
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  • Bread
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    9 years ago

    A chaser.

    Nah, it makes you normal. Everyone is different and not everyone likes the same thing.

    And your gay friend doesn't seem like a very nice guy if he can't accept you for who you are...

  • Unique.

  • Eugene
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    9 years ago

    theres no need to define yourself . if you have to define yourself you'd be more gay than straight. just say you are pansexual if you just cant decide :) because that includes everyone.

  • Ren
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    9 years ago

    I'd have to agree with Bazinga, polysexual.

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