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hey please read the whole piece i need some advice on this issue from my childhood?

hey please read the whole piece i need some advice on this issue from my childhood?

i was emotionally abused as a child and this has crippled my ability to form relationships in my life now as i feel who could possibly see the value in a person like me i find it almost impossible to talk to women that i fancy i think this comes from a awkward relationship with my mother and also my foster mother treated me as if i was second class. also i remember being sexually abused and putting up a fight and then other situations like this during the time i was around ten this memory or memories make me feel useless, i often think even if a get the woman i am after i will destroy her life because of all the bitterness in my past. i also stuggle to make friends and also need some advice on this

it is just so hard to know what is normal in life after being rised in such an abnormal enviroment

i would not define myself as angry and bitter but rather confused and unable to relate to people i meet particularly the first time i meet someone

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    I'm so very sorry that you had to suffer this emotional abuse and the effect it has had on you.

    Unfortunately nobody can undue the past. However you can learn to handle the trauma so that instead of being an open festering wound it becomes a scar. I suggest in-depth counseling also know as psychotherapy. It will require a lot of work on your part. It will also dredge up a lot of painful memories as well as the effects of those memories. However it can help you heal. You'll always have an emotional scar, but you can learn to put the past behind you and establish healthy and meaningful relationships from this point forward.

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    I know you have heard it all before... But have you considered counseling?

    I was sexually abused by my stepdad as well as mentally and emotionally abused. I then went from abusive relationship to abusive relationship because it seemed like that was all I had known or deserved.

    After a year of counseling after leaving my abusive marriage of 10 years, I was able to find a nice man (who I had known for 26 years and never realized we had such a connection).

    Counseling is very healing and you will learn more about yourself than you realize - and learn to work on certain areas AND to deal with memories in a healthy way.

    Best of luck to you :-)

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    Everyone has had problems in their life, so stop focusing so strongly on the past or you will be unable to have a good future. Insead of thinking of all the bad things that have happened to you, focus instead on all the great things your life can be. Dont waste any more energy on negative stuff. Treat others as you would want to be treated and be the friend that you would like to have.

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    beat your loved ones with a bull headed whip

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