WDYT of the names? Plus BQ?


Fletcher Cain

Nathaniel Wade

Haygun Elliot

Granger Dwight

Randall Liam

Walker Ian

Craymer Andrew

Marshall beau


Natalie Grace

Charlotte Faith

Laila Whitney

Kandace Margaret

Tiffani Elise

Kyra Lorilei

Adelaide Dawn

Gwenith Paige

These are some of my favorites I through together! Comment or suggest different middles!

BQ- which is your favorite and which is your worse?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Fletcher Cain: 8/10. It's super super cute and could just be called Fletch for short. I really like it!

    Nathaniel Wade: 5/10. I like the middle name but I've never been a big fan of the name Nathaniel. I do like the name Nathan, though.

    Haygun Elliot: 2/10. The two is for the middle name, but I'm sorry Haygun, in my opinion, is a really strange name. If you were to change the "gu" to a "de" I would've given a 10/10 for Hayden Elliot! :)

    Granger Dwight: 7/10. I totally love the name Granger but for some reason I don't like Dwight. Maybe it's because I think of Dwight from the Office.

    Randall Liam: 7/10. I like both of these names. I don't really like the nickname "Randy" at all, though. I prefer "Liam Randall."

    Walker Ian: 6/10. I like the name Walker but the one syllable middle name sounds a little off. But I like them both separately.

    Craymer Andrew: 1/10. I don't like the spelling or the name at all really. Makes me think of Cray fish and Kramer from Seinfeld :)

    Marshall Beau: 8/10 I super duper love this. Even Beau for a first name is so cute. I know a little boy with that name and it suits him so well.

    Natalie Grace: 6.5/10. I don't see anything wrong with this name it's just a tad over used for my taste.

    Charlotte Faith: 6.5/10 Same as above

    Laila Whitney: 8/10 Totally totally love it. It sounds & looks really great.

    Kandace Margaret: 5/10. Simple. It's not really my cup of tea but I don't dislike it. I prefer the spelling of Candace with a C, though.

    Tiffani Elise: 6/10. It would get a 7 or and 8, but I don't like the "I" at the end.

    Kyra Lorilei: 9/10. By far my favorite. I absolutely LOVE the name Kyra. I'm not quite sure how to pronounce the middle, but it looks beautiful.

    Adelaide Dawn: 7/10. It;s elegant and simple and I really like it.

    Gwenith Paige: 5/10. Never been fond of the name Gwenith. I don't know why, ha-ha! :)

    BQ: My favorite boy's name is Fletcher Cain and my favorite girl's name is Kyra Lorilei. My least favorite boy's name is a tie between Haygun and Craymer and my least favorite girl's name is Tiffani Elise.

    All in all they were very cute :) Hope I wasn't too harsh. :)

  • 9 years ago

    Fletcher Cain: Fletcher is a surname. Cain is ok, but its better spelt Kane.

    Nathaniel Wade: Nathaniel is better as Nathan. Wade? Better as Wayne.

    BEST-Haygun Elliot: Haygun. Better as Hayden. Elliot is lovely.

    Granger Dwight: Granger is also a surname. Dwight is horrible.

    Randall Liam: Randall reminds me of that snake thing from Monsters Inc. LOVE Liam.

    Walker Ian: Walker is a surname. Iam is nice.

    Craymur Andrew: Craymur. Never heard of it. Andrew is nice.7

    WORST-Marshall Beau: Marshall is ok? Beau is a girls name.

    Natalie Grace: Natalie of nice. Grace is lovely.

    BEST-Charlotte Faith: LOVE Charlotte. Faith is ok.

    Laila Whitney: Laila is horrible. Whitney is chavy.

    Kandace Margaret: Kandace is better as Candice. Margaret is better as Maggie.

    Tiffani Elise: Tiffani is better spelt Tiffany. Elise is nice.

    WORST-Kyra Lorilei: Kyra might be better as Keira? Lorilei is ok. Better spelt as Lorilie.

    Adelaide Dawn: Adelaide better left as Adele. Dawn is nice.

    Gwenith Paige: Gwenith is ok? Paige is nice.

    Better names might be:

    Amy Louise

    Olivia Grace

    Ruby Leigh

    Tiffany Dawn

    Lorilie Paige

    Nathan Connor

    Andrew Marcus

    Elliot Sam

    Liam James

    Ian Hayden

  • 9 years ago

    1. Fletcher Cain- I love it! Fletcher is a guilty pleasure name of mine.

    2. Nathaniel Wade- Nathaniel is good, but I don't know about Wade.

    Maybe Nathaniel Wilson, Nathaniel Wyatt, or Nathaniel Wyatt.

    3. Haygun Elliot- Eh, I prefer the spellings Hagan Elliott.

    4. Granger Dwight- No. I hate it.

    5. Randall Liam- Ah, I love the name Liam, and Randall suits it well.

    6. Walker Ian- Walker is another guilty pleasure name of mine, and Ian is nice.

    7. Craymer Andrew- Carymer, no, reminds me a crayon, but Andrew is a great name!

    8. Marshall Beau- I like Marshall, but Beau no.

    Marshall Bay, Bay is similar to Beau.

    1. Natalie Grace- A beautiful name, love it!

    2. Charlotte Faith- Charlotte is okay, but Faith is great.

    3. Lailia Whitney- Eh, its okay.

    4. Kandace Margaret- Eh, its okay,

    5. Tiffani Elise- I like this combination.

    6. Kyra Lorilei- I love Kyra, but Lorilei eh.

    7. Adelaide Dawn- I love it, Dawn suits it well!

    8. Gwenith Paige- I love it! Paige, I prefer spelled Page.

    Favorite:Fletcher Cain & Natalie Grace

    Dislike: Craymer Andrew & Kandace Margaret

    Source(s): Mom to be to Twin Boys (: Tanner Brynn and Grant Carter
  • 9 years ago

    Fletcher Cain ~ 7/10

    Nathaniel Wade ~ 10/10

    Haygun Elliot ~ 1/10

    Granger Dwight ~ 1/10

    Randall Liam ~ 8/10

    Walker Ian ~ 7/10

    Craymer Andrew ~ 1/10

    Marshall Beau ~ 6/10

    Natalie Grace ~ 9/10

    Charlotte Faith ~ 10/10

    Laila Whitney ~ 4/10

    Kandace Margaret ~ 5/10

    Tiffani Elise ~ 4/10

    Kyra Lorlei ~ 4/10

    Adelaide Dawn ~ 10/10

    Gwenith Paige ~ 8/10

    BQ: My favorites are Nathaniel Wade and Charlotte Faith or Adelaide Dawn. My least favorites are Tiffani Elise & Granger Dwight.

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago


    Fletcher Cain.......very different, not bad, works on an adult as well as a child

    Nathaniel Wade.......love Wade, hate Nathaniel

    Haygun Elliot.......the first name looks ridiculous, I personally don't like Elliot altho it seems to be very popular these days on girls and boys

    Granger Dwight.......I like this

    Randall Liam.......sounds ok together but not sure I like Randall with Randy as a nn. Randy sounds cuter as a girl's nn.

    Walker Ian.......first name I like, not sure I like Ian

    Craymer Andrew.......Seinfeld anyone?

    Marshall beau.......I actually like Beau but Marshall is as bad as Randall


    Natalie Grace - nice but awfully cutesy

    Charlotte Faith - I don't get the popularity of Charlotte, loooove Faith as a middle name

    Laila Whitney - prefer spelling Layla and I actually like it with Whitney

    Kandace Margaret - eeeehhhhh its ok

    Tiffani Elise - first name is awful, prefer spelling of Elyse which goes with almost anything else

    Kyra Lorilei - I like Lorelei, Kyra is ok

    Adelaide Dawn - hate it X2

    Gwenith Paige - love it

    favorite boys name: Granger Dwight

    favorite girls name: Gwenyth Paige (Gwen for short)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The only two I can find palatable are Nathaniel Wade and Natalie Grace. I think the boy names are horrendous. Haygun? Really?! However, I think there is room for improvement with the girl's names and I would suggest thinking about different combinations. Charlotte, Grace, Margaret, Elise and Adelaide are all very beautiful and timeless, so I would suggest working with those as a starting place.

    My favorite of your combos: Nathaniel Wade/Natalie Grace

    My least favorite of your combos: Haygun Elliot/Kyra Lorilei

    Some of my personal favorite names are: Boys - Theodore, Claude, Linus and Harry; Girls - Eleanor, Evangeline, Elise, Genevieve, Marie-Laure and Marie.

    Source(s): Opinion.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't like any of your boy names, at all

    Good names on the list:

    Nathaniel - Nathan's better




    Natalie Grace is the best girl name

    Charlotte Faith is okay, don't like Faith

    Layla, Elise, Kira, Gweneth, Paige, and Adelaide are all good-ish names

    Kira's the best name

    Don't like the other names

    please spell names correctly!

    Source(s): it's "threw" not "through"
  • 3 years ago

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