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should we end this 2 term limit on US presidents? That isn't the way the country was founded, but it was?

added later on. If we change it then when a man like Obama comes along and is able to do so much to help the country we can have him for much longer than 8 years. What do you think?

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    Nope. But we should add a two term limit to Congress!

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    "Should we end this 2 term limit on US presidents? That isn't the way the country was founded, but it was added later?"

    Is the set- up.

    " If we change it then when a man like Obama comes along and is able to do so much to help the country we can have him for much longer than 8 years."

    Is the punch line.


    Brilliant joke!

  • 3 years ago

    nicely, the president won't be able to do plenty legislatively without the Congress, yet when i became Emperor for a month and that i might want to do something i wanted, i'd - preserve the borders: we gained't have all of us who only needs to go back right here be allowed to easily because they prefer to, pretty at the same time as they're going to vote to take the rights of genuine human beings away. -Legalize drugs: stop sending non-violent criminals to detention center and concentrate on rehabilitation rather of incarceration which has shown to be more affordable and extra valuable - Abolish the Federal Reserve: the necessary economic organisation is a banking cartel that clandestinely steals the wealth of our us of a with that is fiat forex. - Abolish the IRS: the enforcement arm of the Fed - Institute the FairTax: that is the suitable tax gadget I easily have ever seen, it receives rid of 1000's of billions in waste and encourages economic develop and prosperity. - end all wars: Iraq and Afghanistan did not attack us on 9/11, neither did the Taliban and predator strikes that kill one hundred and forty+ civilians for each alleged terrorist do some distance extra harm than good. - chop up the large banks: they're getting a cabal that artwork hostile to at least something human beings purely to guard more beneficial and larger revenue at our price. - end overseas help, except particularly situations: there is not any reason to be giving a lot funds to international places that dislike us, pretty Israel which we supply funds to illegally - in violation of the Symington change of the overseas assistance Act - to slaughter civilians. overseas help must be reserved for particular situations, including helping different international places get over organic failures. - cut back protection by utilizing about 50%: we spend more beneficial than two times as a lot on "protection" than something of the global mixed. - Repeal Obamacare: that is unconstitutional and counter-useful. - Repeal McCarran-Ferguson: problem health coverage organizations to the loose marketplace rather of exempting them from anti-believe guidelines. that is a good commence. .

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    The only problem with your premise is that Obama has done absolutely nothing to help this country. He has however done plenty to damage The United Stares, and diminish, if not destroy The Constitution of The United States. This, by the way, is a violation of the oath of office he took in January of 2009.

    Of course, in Obama's case, it really will not matter. We won't have Obama for eight years. HE won't get elected for a second term, so there is no need to worry about a third term. (Even Obama and his family are saying they would be alright with only one term. He even has doubts about getting re-elected in 2012.)

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  • SMc12
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    9 years ago

    Republicans in the late 1980s were wishing that they hadn't had such a knee-jerk reaction to FDR breaking the unofficial 2-term maximum tradition.

    Reagan would have been President until the day he died.

  • I think the people need more power not politicians so I would go in the direction of a term limit Constitutional amendment for all national elected officials.

    We don't want our politicians to keep acting like they are kings.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'd be fine with them doing away with the position all together. I don't need a radical figurehead trying to instill "white guilt" in me at every turn. It's an expensive,useless popularity contest where the majority of voters don't even know what they're voting for,they "like" him,and that's all that counts.

  • Di
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    9 years ago

    Term limits for everyone. We don't want the US to end up a dictatorship.

  • 9 years ago

    Ummm. . Constitutional Amendments ARE part of the constitution. They are not simply "add-ons" as you suggest. There are good reasons to not have the same guy in for too long. Would you feel the same way if George Bush was in for 12 years or longer?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Maybe just for Obama. He is young and possibly the greatest POTUS in history. We should term limit Congress though. Or in Obamas case just get rid of the congress and let him do what he wants by Presidential decree.

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