Is a system file erased on my computer? reinstall windows?

Is it possible to accidentally add all your things to a cd rom and then have no accessible harddrive? Dis k read error--I think means hard drive on the fritz... is this really true? or can a new harddrive be put on?

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Ok. this is actually what happened. The laptop powercord has always caused it to cut off some times...all of a sudden. I turned it on and it did go out a couple of times, but really that was not unusual at all considering. Then I was trying to access the internet again by hooking up linksys and using that cd and setting it up right, because they said it could get internet especially since it is wireless.

This is another computer that I am on to ask this question here. Because the other one will not "boot up properly" It will attempt to but then says "disk read error" and will go no further. I had once pressed something before this when it went farther into booting up that said press this or that if you want safe mode. However, I didn't press safe mode, and just hit enter (so it could resume booting up to windows). That usually works fine. It didn't.

Going back again to the setting up linksys_

I was at the point of windows coming on on the pc, and it did come up. So I wa

1 day ago

So I was trying to instal Linksys to access the internet on the wireless laptop. It's Linksys Dual-band Wireless N USB Network Adapter. I put the CD in too. I am on step 2. At some point it says "this is already on here, do you want to go ahead anyway?" I clicked continue or yes. Then I notice it's downloading or something. Then it says, "Preparing to put all on ____onto disk" It is in the middle of downloading or something because I see it happening on screen and I can't stop it. Could it have erased everything? I never thought that's what would happen.

Now I can't get to windows or anything past "disk read error"

It won't even ask me to hit enter to get to windows normally as it sometimes use to. It is a Dell Windows xp home edition. any help is welcome or msg me.

CAn it be fixed?

I think something was erased accidentally during me putting linksys on there or back on there, but I need to know...I can push f2 and it will get to BIOS. Please help. Do I have to have windows XPcd to repair or install windows again?

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    boot from your instalation CD and use the second repair option. you wont lose any personal data.

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  • 3 years ago

    in case you 'reinstall' the OS with the unique discs, or an same version of homestead windows, use the 'fix decision. or... in case you reinstall homestead windows with above criteria, an 'old homestead windows' folder is created. which will placed all of your previous 'stuff' in there and installation a sparkling homestead windows OS. Later you could only 'cut back & Paste' regardless of ya needs ta the position ya needs ta placed it. If, that is in case your HDD is enormous adequate. Do a sparkling-up first, delete any and all ineffective 'stuff', THEN do a backup of all 'stuff ya wanna keep. installation homestead windows. fix (from the Backup software) the backups you created. the position there's a will, there's a way. ;-)

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