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Wet my pants in front of boyfriend?

My boyfriend and i are both fifteen, and we've dated for seven months. OK, so I have gone to the bathroom at my boyfriend's house, and he walked in on me, and said "Oh, sorry" and walked out. I was so embarrassed, even though all he had seen was the side.

Today, though, I was at his house, and i had to pee so bad. He told me to use his bathroom, but it doesn't have a lock, and ever since he walked in on me last time and heard me peeing. I said I would hold and go when I got home. He kept insisting that I use his bathroom. He said no one else was home, and he would not go in there while I was there.

But I was still embarrassed just remembering what had happened last time that I refused. Later, we were playing a board game, and he was being mock competitive and it was making me laugh. I laughed so hard that I suddenly began to wet my pants. I threw my hands over my crotch, trying to hold it in, but I completely flooded myself. I began to cry of embarrassment. My boyfriend pulled me off the floor and said "What a mess" which made me cry harder.

Then he looked at me and said "Hey, it's okay, I'll clean it up, it's okay." i stood there dripping, and he made me stand on a towel. Then he mopped up the mess i had made on the floor. He seemed angry and was muttering "told u to just use my bathroom, i wasn't gonna walk in"

Then he left and came back with a roll of toilet paper and a pair of his sister's shorts. He pulled down my shorts, and I screamed for him to close the curtains since I was standing right in front of it and his neighborhood was busy. He glanced at me and said, "u be quiet, this is ur fault." He took my shorts off and then went away, left me standing there in just my panties while people walked down the street, some glancing in at me.

My boyfriend came back with his sister's underwear. He tried to take mine off, and I pleaded for me to stop. He said, "no, u can't wear these, they're soaked and disgusting." He yanked them off of me and I threw my hands over myself to block his view. He had never seen me naked before, and I was completely embarrassed at the circumstances. He said I had to move my hands so he could pull the underwear up. I moved my hands, and he stared at me for a good half minute staring at my private. I said "stop looking." he said sorry, and told me that I had to wipe or I might get infection from the germs. He took some of the toilet paper, instructed me to spread my legs. After I did that, he ducked his head and looked up in between my legs. I said "Please stop, let me do this in the bathroom." he ignored me, and began to wipe my private with the toilet paper. he turned me around, and continued to wipe across my butt. Then he put the underwear up and then the shorts.

I had never been more embarrassed. My boyfriend told me he loved me but I should have used his bathroom. He said, "Now tell me, I just saw you naked. I saw everything, your a$$ and your vagina, and I wiped it. Wouldn't you have rather used the bathroom?"

I just cried, and he continously reminded me that he had seen my butt and vagina and wiped it. He can't stop telling me that. Now, I'm embarrassed. Was it really my fault that this happened? And should i break up with him?

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    1st of all, i'm sorry this happened to you. 2nd. this was a situation where you should have done the "cleaning" yourself. he violated you and took advantage of the current stuation. you should break up with him. but before that, you should, ivite him to your place, make him drink lots, lock the bathroom door, and do the same thing to him

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    coming from a guy, no it's not your fault at all. if he was willing to violate you like that and expose you to everyone, then I guarantee he would've walked in to watch you on the toilet. It's up to you if you want to pursue charges against him, but definitely get away from that sick f*ck cause he sounds abusive.

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    Wet My Jeans

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    I wouldn't break up with him. It's an obvious sexual advance, just like the glorious lion would do.

    Except he didn't lick your vagina - so less like a lion.

    Deus Vult!

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    That's bad I think u should tell him to stop saying that and to forget bout it, if he doesn't break up with him but Onset good curcumtstamces cuz if u don't he might tell other people, if he really likes u he'll stop, nd I'm soooooo srry, nd it wasn't ur fault. Hope u get through it,

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    he used wetting your pants as an excuse to sexually harass you. you were more than capable of changing yourself, and you told him to stop and he didn't. i would break up with him AND tell your parents or a consultant at school exactly what happened and take legal action.

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    9 years ago

    yup it sure was. stop being a prude and tell you're boyfriend to stop being a pus*y

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