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Why do working class men still join the Military?

Before I start elaborating I really do not mean or intend any offence to current service people or families of the dead. I’m just trying to ascertain why young men and women put their lives on the line for what I would describe as a criminal political elite who use those same men and women for their own corrupt purposes.

I could not do what those service people do and I have the highest respect and regard for them but just can’t work out how they don’t know they are being used. What is the attraction and is it just a matter that they are just not politically astute enough to know any better. The allure of an exciting life with a rifle excites them? Is it tradition?

Now I am no wishy washy Liberal or pacifist, I do believe in protecting our country, our people when there is reasonable justification to do so, but not in this case.

This is due to the following reasons, Several Hundred personnel dead in Iraq and Afghanistan wars that were completely unjustifiable. Is it right that a young man should lay down his life for corrupt and unjustifiable policies?

Then again we had statements from Brown and Blair that ‘to fight in Afghanistan means that Terrorism could not be transported to the UK’. Well Islamic Terrorism is already here, Home grown British Muslims are attacking us, and the mistake was Mass Muslim immigration i.e. a deliberate policy to plant millions of people of foreign mindsets in our country a natural disaster in itself. Is that what the troops are dying for?

In other words corrupt political self serving elite are telling our boys to lay down their lives in defence of their country so it can be given away by the back door. Our jobs are transported all over the world so the economic elite can profit. At home we fair no better 70% of our laws come from Brussels, we never got a say about it in referenda. Old people die of cold every winter and our care homes that contain many ex service people are like pigsties and the people are treated like dirt.

During the 1984 Miners strike White British working class men were humiliated, beaten and jailed by a Police Force especially driven in for such a purpose. The Miners only wanted to work and nothing more. Now compare that if the same tactics were used on a Muslim protest?

When there are ex servicemen sleeping rough in the doorways of London and other cities and Muslim and other asylum seekers are put up in 1st class accommodation.

Finally watching Trooping the colour this morning Prince Philip in his 90th Year along with the Queen and Blair-Brown et al who will die peaceful deaths in their beds and be remembered forever in their memoirs. Who will remember the 19 year old kid who died where he should not in the prime of youth to keep a dirty stinking establishment alive? Only his family and comrades

Is the lives of those heroes worth that. In other words our troops are protecting our own oppression, protecting a farce so to speak.

Finally would you support service personnel who just walked away on that basis?


Re Travis.

I mean it’s one’s life, precious as it is and if a person is prepared to give that up without question, then it’s a very sad indictment. I fully support the people with boots on the ground as you say but like every employee they are owed a duty of care.

Beastie: I fully take your point, and I don’t think making a comparison with the military to make a political point is low. The death of troops is worth asking if it is worth it. I think you lost the point on this one. I not sure which Glasgow strike you refer to. But I refer you to the 1919 battle of George Square in Glasgow. The City was shut down and curfew by English Troops, prepared to fire and kill Glasgow workers. Scottish Regiments were confined to barracks. If that is not using British troops to suppress your own people and kill them if need be on behalf of the establishment and If a Trooper can’t question that and it’s just a job, then he has been turned in an automaton. Immigration has nothing to do with the mili

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    Because most young people are stupid

    taliban takes control of Afghanistan it goes from supplying 90% of the worlds opium to 1%

    US British and other NATO troops invade and occupy Afghanistan it goes back to supplying 90% of the worlds opium US troops even help grow and protect the poppy fields now!

    It also has nothing to do with the untapped 1 trillion dollar lithium vein in the mountains of Afghanistan

    it also has nothing to do with the 8 trillion dollars of untapped oil reserves in neighboring Iraq

    It just about freedom and spreading democracy to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest of the middle east by Drone bombing and shooting pissed off civilians with guns well we jack their sht yah......

    But hey if you want to go die for some Banking,Oil company,Arms manufactures to help intact their modern day imperialism by all means go right ahead

    Henry Kissinger the 56th secretary of state

    "military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

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    Because, mate, it's a job. It's job that requires no prior qualifications and so long as you're a half decent individual you're in. You do not join to support a 'dirty stinking establishment' you join for a job. You join for something more interesting than day to day life on the dole. You join to see further than you'll ever get as a civvy.

    If you want more analysis than that you're going to have trouble finding it.

    You're being very simplistic on the miners strike. The only successful union mass action ever held in the UK was a work in at a Glasgow shipyard, and that was only successful because the men realised that a strike would not work, but staying in and completeing the order book voluntarily would. And it did for a couple of years in a dying industry. Striking doesn't work. Working when they want you to stop, that works, and the public support it in a way Arthur Scargill would have killed for. Yeah, pay to the shipyard guys stopped, but that didn't matter because public sympathy filled the pay packets and fed them.

    And no, I would not support people who 'just walk away.' You sign up, you sign to do the job, and if you can't stick it you tell your boss and you go through the structure that's in place so you can leave legally. I did. And I did for reasons the military could do nothing more for me with although they undoubtedly did try to help.

    You get ex-soldiers in doorways because some of them can't adjust back to civilian life. There are copious amounts of resettlement courses and advice available but some people just can't do it. Then there are hundreds of military charities who help. None of which you appear to have any knowledge of since you cheerfully don't mention it whilst banging on about your real points; Europe and immigration which are, I note, pretty much nothing to do with the military.

    Using the military to make political points is low, mate. Using dead soldiers to make points is particularly low.

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    When I was asked why I wanted to join in the early 60's I was prompted to answer "Travel and Adventure". Well it certainly worked then and I don't see why it shouldn't work now. I had plenty of both - went to places I'd certainly never have seen and met a broad range of different people with different outlooks on life. I learned to take the rough with the smooth, the value of camaraderie and the absolute relief of taking my boots off at the end of a long stint of duty. As for "who will remember the nineteen year old kid who died where he should not in the prime of youth" our nation has along history of acts of remembrance or do you choose to ignore remembrance Sunday?

    Service personnel who just walked away are most probably losers' but I may have some sympathy for some of them depending on their individual circumstance. Finally I have no truck with left wing politics or politicians.

  • Jacob
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    9 years ago

    “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” George Orwell

    Just remember WHY you can think the way you do without fear of retribution. You may not agree with the politics of your country. You really should always question your leaders. Everyone should. They should be kept in check, but we live in a global world now. It's no longer the world of the US and everyone else. I don't like the Global Economy ruining our economy, but we can't help it now. We have to worry about global problems.

    I joined for the money. I needed a job. I have since learned that there is more to the Army than the job. It provides opportunities to do so many things,

    Also if you are oppressed, maybe you should go see some people who are really oppressed. People who will be killed if they utter one word of what you said. People who's families have been killed, tortured, or converted to someone's convoluted lies that now threaten you. Then you can be a A$$hole like you are.

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  • 9 years ago

    How can you decide that the war isn't worth it when you've done nothing but sit there in the safety of your own home? You watch the news, you debate with your friends, and you develop your opinions. The military is not for everyone but as well thought out as your argumentis it would mean more if you "put your boots on the ground." Those of us who fight don't all believe in the war, but I guarantee most of us do.

    You mention the home grown muslims who will attack your homeland. Do you think they will stop attacking if the war ends? I don't think they will and that's why I have no problem with the military being here. I can't stand most politicians but most soldiers are here because of them but not for them.

    So like most people you were born. And like all people you will die. But what will you do with the years in between? Will you spout off policy problems and your ideas? Or will you take a stand and choose to support those who choose to support you whether you like it or not?

    Source(s): Former Marine currently deployed to Afghanistan as a civilian worker.
  • 9 years ago

    So the gist of your question is: is anything worth fighting for?

    Well, in my opinion (prepare for this answer to be reported for daring to express one) yes, it is. I think much of what you said is an overly pessimistic view of the country and how it works, but that notwithstanding, what little we have left is always worth fighting for.

    I don't believe our politicians are entirely corrupt. They're a pain in the backside (damn I said 'backside' - this'll get reported now, you watch.. DAMN I said "damn") and some of them will quite happily put their noses in the trough but at core they're all (even the ones I disagree with politically) interested in the prosperity of the country. I believe that David Cameron (and even Gordon Brown) would have - in a statesmanship sense - gone through hell and high water in the name of the UK and the well-being of its people.

    (P.S. Can whoever keeps reporting my answers for their own silly little pleasure please stop? It's not funny, and I'll simply keep emailing Y!A asking them to look into it and ban you if you carry on. Thank you.)

  • a
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    9 years ago

    I imagine they join for all manner of reasons, travel and adventure, patriotism, the money, a lack of opportunities where they live, family tradition.

    The best people to ask would be the men themselves.

    One things for sure these men are a rare breed, they join up not because they are forced to but because they want to and we neglect these men at our peril because one day we might just need em like never before.

  • 9 years ago

    Answering your question (sorry didn't read the long stuff) because they want to represent their country and do their bit because some people can't just sit back and trust others. They want to be proud of their country and help. They may also love adventure and thrill, and since they have enough money so far it doesn't matter if their wages slip a little. :-)

  • 4 years ago

    Always surround yourself with constructive items such as content thoughts, determination, and men and women who believe in you.

    You have to reside by it, and at the very same time have faith and self-assurance in your self that you are capable of reaching your targets.

  • 9 years ago

    Well I am American and I did it for the money. I was promised automatic promotions and you receive extra benefits at E-5. Plus the new GI bill rocks.

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